1839 inspired Victorian dress

May 11, 2016

Hello lovelies,

I started a new project (yes, I have 5 open projects but a new deadline is coming up) and for a Victorian event (Biedermeierfest) in Bad Gleichenberg, Austria, I wanted to have a new dress.

I want a dress like that. It won't be an exact replica but I guess it will look quite similar. This picture is depicting princess Marie-Clementine of Orleans and painted by Franz Xaver Winterhalter. It was painted 1838 and it is a very good example of a dress from that time.

The event will take place on the 12th of June and therefore I am already under a lot of pressure. Not even a month's time for a dress, chemise, corset, underskirts and whatever I still need. I hope that my shoes at least arrive in time.
I found them via aliexpress and they are flat and square toed.
 I just need to attach the ribbon on the sides and they should look like on the picture.

Last week on Thursday there was a public holiday in Austria and I took  a day off on Friday, which resulted in a four days holiday. I didn't do much except for eating, sleeping, cuddle my cats, sewing and going shopping for sewing supplies.

I managed to do and finish a chemise and an underskirt. Yey!
 I didn't have enough fabric for the back of the chemise being one part and therefore I made two parts and closed them with a french seam.

The chemise looks and is a bit big but that's because I didn't figure, that the seam allowance was already included in the pattern. Duh. I just figured out while doing the corset because my corset was HUGE with seam allowance but fitted well without.
Btw, for the corset and the chemise I used the pattern from Laughing moon.  

 I used cotton for the inner fabric and strong linen for the lining.

 As for the outer fabric, I think it's just some flimsy and cheap material, not really pure cotton. It is a pain in the ass to work with, that's for sure.
But as you can see, I already managed to insert the hooks and busks. The next step would be to do the eyelets but silly me forgot completely and didn't buy them.

But that's not all I managed to do this weekend, I also started a corded underskirt and it is a pain in the ass too.

 I am using a zipper foot and it works quite well.

 To be honest, the skirt is a bit...big, and I am not sure if it's not too wide. for my purpose...but I will find out soon enough. And to nobodies surprise, i also run out of cord. Let's hope I can buy some soon.

I am pretty sure that I still need to make at least one other underskirt to get that full figure. Or maybe make that two, I need at least two more underskirts. With flounces and starched.

All the best,


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