Dokomi 2016

May 09, 2016

Hello lovelies,

I attended Dokomi last weekend and although I can't really say anything about the program, as I just sat at my friend's booth all day long, I did have a nice weekend.
The venue was large and a bit confusing at times, but I really liked it. I always like it when conventions take place and big venues and you have space and air to breath for yourself.
I had Japanese snacks for all meals on Saturday and Sunday from the various stalls and I really loved the onigiri they sold. They were delicious. As for the Japanese caterer, the food was good to okay too but much too overpriced, in my opinion.

My friend Slippeddee was selling her original comics and some stucky fanart. The fanart was nearly sold out by the first day. It was amazing.

 We were located in the Artists alley and compared to different conventions, it was huge!
They even separated the artists from the fashion designers and every category had it's own room. It was truly amazing.

 That picture was made on Sunday when a lot of items were sold already.

On Saturday I wore my Agent Carter cosplay. I had to get up at 3am to catch my flight to Düsseldorf at 6am (no idea why I thought this was a great idea while booking) and therefore I had to not only do my make-up in a mini mirror at the booth, I also looked extremely tired and also felt like falling asleep all the time after 6pm.
The funny thing we realised later on, after a Tony Stark cosplayer commented on it, was me, in a Peggy outfit, selling Stucky fanart. Oh myyyy.

My make-up and the wig was so messy but I was so tired, I didn't care. For the photo shooting it will be better, promise.

Due to communication problems, I was in my hotel room only after 9.30pm and fell dead into bed after a long shower. All in all, I spent about 46€ on taxi rides on this trip. I never spent so much money on taxis before but the public transportation in Düsseldorf is just fucked up. I missed the tram at 9pm and I had to wait 40mins for the next one???? Excuse me, what? I'm already pissed off when the next tram arrives in 10-15 minutes at 9pm, but 40mins? That's ridiculous.
Plus I never get tired of nagging about German public transportation. It's just so bad.

So, the next day I was wearing a cult party kei outfit. I planned to just take off the peignoir, wig, flowers and the shoes and wear a pullover and I could catch my flight. I tend to forget that even without those items, my outfit and especially my make-up was not "normal".
But I was at a point where I didn't care anymore, so I was on bored with glitter make-up. Deal with it.

 What's curious about the picture is that I asked two different girls to take a picture of me and it turned out like that. I look really tall in the first picture and really tiny in the second picture. The light was different too and both times, but I think you are able to figure out my outfit?
I call it cult party kei but in reality, I don't think it counts. It's much too white in my eyes plus I didn't layer enough. I need more layers, and more decoration!
Oh well, next time...?

I glitter.
Close up.

Dress: Miauler Mew
Peignoir: vintage
Skirt: Bodyline
Rest: offbrand, ebay, taobao, Claire's, etc

Needless to say, after that weekend I needed a day off to relax but nope. I had to go to work the next day. Meeeeeh.

All the best,


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