Cult party kei outfit

October 13, 2016

Hello lovelies,

university started again and now I finally have time again to dress up more often.
So for today I decided to go with a cult party kei look.

Dress: New yorker
Shoes: Swankiss
Peignoir: Vintage
Blouse: Lily.J
Belt: Axes femme
flowercrown: primark

I am so sorry for the really bad quality. The phone I have is really old now. Also, I really do need a nicer background but the flat is so full with messy bookcases or in general, really stuffed. That's my life as a fabric, fashion and book hoarder.

Here are some close ups of my make-up and a few silly snow pictures, because I just love the app. I try to do pictures on a daily basis because they upload so many filters, I just can't keep up.

All the best,

Aurîs Lothol

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