Polkadot skirt

December 09, 2016

Hey lovelies,

the past three days I have been working on a cute skirt. I got the pattern out of the Burda 01/11 magazine but I had some difficulties with the sizes. In the end I kept making everything a lot smaller than planned. 

I forgot to take pictures during the process so I only have pictures of the pinned skirt. 

This is how it looked like pinned together. I already liked it very much but I needed something more. Therefore I added some frills.

The fabric was a pain in the butt to sew. It was also so thin that there was a need for a lining.

The skirt is closed with a zip and it has a small opening on the back.

Bonus picture of my cat who likes to sniff my stuff.

All in all it probably took me only a few hours over the span of two days. 
And I already have a matching top in planning. 

 And here is the finished skirt. I think it gives a nice larme vibe, even though polkadots are not en vogue at the moment.
The top is from Ank Rouge, the shoes are dreamV/yumetenbo and my earrings are from Swankiss.
Not really skirt realated but have a selfie from today too.

All the best and nice weekend,

Aurîs Lothol

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