Animarket Vienna

May 12, 2017

Hello lovelies,

Animarket is a flea market catering especially to manga and anime enthusiasts. Anyone can get a booth and start selling their old stuff. M and I took the chance to get rid of 3/4 of our Anime, manga, cd, magazine and figure collection. It was held on the first of May, a nation holiday in Austria. The sellers were allowed to start setting up from 8.30am onwards and the buyers were let in at 10am. My local lolita community also held a j-fashion bring and buy. Luckily I sold some items so I could go shopping there, but more later.
This picture is from the officially Animarket site. Credits to the OP.

This is how our booth looked. P is almost not visible. 

 P and M before our booth. We still have a lot leftover to sell.

Having fun with P. In the back you can see all the others booths and the j-fashion bring and buy.

And here a selfie. Not even snow could hide my big eyebags. Getting up that early is really hard for a night owl like myself.

This was my outfit of the day. I actually wanted to wear lolita but decided to wear something less poofy (we didn't know how much space we would take up).
The top is from h and m and the over-top is vintage.


The bring and buy was a bit small this time but I found something nevertheless. I always find something, that's a curse! Don't remind me about my shopping trip to Japan.

 The skirt is from Emily temple cute. And it has everything I like on it...teacups, strawberries and cherries, and frills.

The next skirt is super steampunk-y.

I liked that print very much. And I am a sucker for everything with birds. I mean, look at that cute mechanical birb.

The last item I got was a white bolero. Nothing fancy, it doesn't even have a tag inside but I liked it and it was cheap. Like super cheap. I should rename my blog and call it the adventures of a cheapskate lolita. haha.

For all of you living in Vienna the next Animarket will be held on the 26th of October (another national holiday). Visit their official site for more information.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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