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May 16, 2017

Hello lovelies,

I recently got a big parcel from Taobao. And let me tell you, I was not the only happy creature in this flat. My cats were over the moon too; A new box, hooray!

I ordered some items for different people too. That thing on the left side is a hamster butt bag.

 I don't remember if I really ordered purple clips or if I messed up the translation, but never mind. I think they are cute anyway.

 Another hair accessories. I really like this one.

 This cute hair piece is from Magic tea party. I think the skeleton cameo is really beautiful.

The whole order has a lot of black and red accessories. This one is also one of my favourites.

And a red choker. Now I only need a white choker and I am happy!

This blouse is actually dark blue and has silver anchors printed on it. It's super cute and light and I can't wait to wear it. Again it's from Magic tea party.




 This dress is very simple and the flower print is very cute. I thought it would be a bit whiter because it is really off-white, almost beige. And a memo for me, size M at Magic tea party is still too small if you have bigger boobs.

With the dress came a matching ribbon.

The first time I wore the dress with this ribbon I hated the way it looked on my head. Therefore, I pushed a pin through it and pinned it to the front of my dress. It looks much better that way, doesn't it?

Here is a worn picture. Two smaller ribbons, which came with the dress, were used as hair pins.

This is another dress I bought. It's very cute and light. 

The sleeves are only 3/4 (or maybe just with me) but apart from that I really like it. 

The bonnet is from Infanta. It still looks weird on my huge water head but definitely better than the bonnet from Elpress.

I already have the items since April and always forgot to upload the post. This is why I have worn posts with most of the items. Haha.

This headdress is also from Infanta. I bought it for the upcoming Halloween tea party in Vienna.
But now I am not so sure if I'll use it because I still need a dress for it....

This is the last Infanta item. It's a cute blouse in white which could also be worn with a skirt. 

I also have a worn picture again.
The whole outfit was worn for the April Lolita Teekränzchen.

The last items are socks and stockings.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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2 Kommentare

  1. That's an amazing haul! Where is your pearl head chain from? I really like the look of it! Though actually I like pretty much everything you got, I so need to pay closer attention to Infanta and Magic Tea Party's accessories, I tend to ignore them because the stock photos don't show off the details like your pics do (especially on that bonnet).

    1. Thank you! The pearl chain and all the other hairclips are from this shop:
      I know what you mean! They really need to show off their details more.