Munich 2017

May 31, 2017

Hello lovelies,

I have been to Munich over a public holiday and the weekend with M. It's funny because we have been to Munich exactly the same weekend last year without noticing it. We found out about it thanks to facebook. We got up at five am but luckily I slept most of the time in the bus.

We stayed over at Z. and A. on the outskirts of Munich. S. joined us on Friday after A. left for Spain.
M. and I arrived on Thursday in the early afternoon. It was very warm and the whole weekend would be sunny and hot. Lucky us. The rest of the afternoon we spent at their place chatting.

Friday we left for Munich around noon after we ate breakfast at a very nice cafe.
We went shopping and M. bought himself a few shirts. Sightseeing was not really on the list because we have been to the inner city of Munich countless times. But when we passed the Marienplatz we did take some pictures.

There is an ice-cream shop which is a bit hidden but it's my favourite not only because of it's strange flavours. My favourite flavour of all time in their shop was yogurette, a famous chocolate bar with strawberries. Yum!
This time I took Raffaelo ice-cream which also is a famous sweet treat.

Afterwards we visited Viktualienmarkt and then dropped by at the Victorian house.
The place was really nice and perfect for Lolita but alas, the prices were not nice.
One cup of tea was about 3,6€. We didn't eat anything thereafter seeing the price for one scone (almost 5€). But the tea was very nice and tasty. Mine had a very strong taste of Bergamot, lucky for me I like that flavour.

The flower doesn't switch places magically. I just never came around to automatically mirror the pictures.

The next day we had my Ariel photo shooting. FINALLY! I had this cosplay for over a year and never had the chance to wear it or take pictures.

We actually wanted to do the pictures in the English Garden but we didn't find a free parking space. Instead, we drove to Nypmphenburg. It really was a deja-vu for all of us.
Here is a small preview of my cosplay. I hope to get more pictures on Friday!

Afterwards we went to eat Burger at Hans in Glück. It's a very famous burger joint in Munich and I would love to have a restaurant in Vienna too, but no luck until now.
The dinner menu consisted of a cocktail with alcohol, the burger and either sweet potato or normal potato fries.
 My cocktail was a super sweet one with Amaretto, Gin (?), and strawberries.

I had the avocado burger with normal fries as I am not fond of sweet potatoes. Hans im Glück has four different kinds of sauces which all taste amazing with the fries. I always have a large portion of sauces on my plate when I am there.

The next day we had to go back to Vienna with the bus. Before that our small group including D. went out for some brunch. The food was okay but a bit expensive too.
I got a bagel with extra salmon and fruit salad. Afterwards I was still hungry and I got bread with avocado. I love avocado.
Our small Munich group. Thank you everyone once again for coming and having us.

The ride back was okay although I didn't manage to fall asleep. At least I nearly finished the book I was reading. We also arrived 20mins earlier than planned. Thumbs up for Flixbus.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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