Lolita Wardrobe

February 10, 2018

Hello lovelies,

it's definitely time for another lolita wardrobe. I seem to be too lazy to do one per year, but I can do  them at least biennially, I hope.
Let's start off with JSK and OP. I bought a few of them the last two years and if you remember my last wardrobe post you will see that I also got rid of a few. All in all, the count for dresses is currently at 40.
In comparison, here is my wardrobe post 2016 and here 2014 p.1 + p.2

Pisces OP
Rose bird print Jsk
Deer JSK

Gli Elfi di Fiori by Quaint Lass

Lace-up doll by Metamorphose

Souffle song

Le Portrait de Marie by Krad Lanrete

Afternoon tea by A3

Daughter of the seas from a Taobao brand

Hand-made dress

Lacy ballerina by Angelic Pretty


Innocent World


Magic tea party

Magic tea party

Cheval de bois

Dress by H.Naoto (Frills)

Emperor's nightingale by R-Series

Infanta Disney version Snow White OP

Floral Tree OP by Baby the stars shine bright

French girl OP by Angelic Pretty

Forest mist by a taobao brand

Innocent World

Fan + friend

Neverland Holy Cross JSK

Pastel pearl OP by Angelic pretty

Dramatic Rose by Angelic pretty

Sleipnir by Ergi



Ekatarina JSK by Baby the stars shine bright

Rosée Matinale by Quaint Lass

flower garrett juliet OP by Baby the stars shine bright

Innocent World

Emma OP by L'armoire de Versailles

Florrie avec echos by Yolanda

Abyss Museum

Rabbit teeth

The portrait of a lover by Infanta


Mighty kingdom


Emily temple cute


offbrand hand-made

Souffle Song



Baby the stars shine bright

La petite fille
unknown brand

Blouse, Cardigan, and Bolero






Magic tea party

Jesus Diamante

Baby the stars shine bright


Japanese offbrand

and a few others that were in the laundry....



Socks and Stockings/Pantyhose


Hats, Bonnets and Hair accessoires

I took pictures of my accessoires too but it is incomplete and the backdrop worked for the lolita dresses but it was too busy for them. Maybe I'll reshoot and add them later (but I doubt that. I know how lazy I am).

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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