February 2019 OOTD

June 08, 2019

Hello lovelies,

here are my coordinates from February in June because I am a lazy bum.

The first coord is an Infanta JSK with a magic tea party blouse and dream V shoes. If you look closely you can see the ribbons in my hair.

All in pink, what a shock. The dress is from Baby the stars shine bright worn with Rosemarie seoir shoes and an offbrand bonnet. 

A more casual himekaji coord with a Liz lisa dress and a red hairbow. The dress is really warm and perfect for cold temperatures. 

The following is my non-lolita valentines coord, I showed it off already in another post. The skirt is from Swankiss, the top from H&M.

 And this is my lolita Valentines coord for our Lolita Teekränzchen in February. The jsk is from Metamorphose and I added all the roses to it. The red blouse is hand-made and made out of chiffon.

Another softer coordinate with my Innocent world jsk and dreamV shoes and a lockshop wig. My hair was super messy, luckily this wig fits almost every outfit.

All in all, 6 coords that month. Not bad! Usually I only make it to 3 to 4 per month (about one each weekend). It is such a shame that I can not wear lolita at work.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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