Lolita Teekränzchen November and December 2019

March 27, 2020

Hello lovelies,

I am super late, as always, with my posts about our lolita Teekränzchen. At the moment there are no "big" meet-ups planned and no tea party, therefore our small monthly meet ups are the only regular events.
In this post I will combine the November and December Teekränzchen to catch up a bit.


We went to the Hard Rock cafe but we were so disappointed. The quality and quantity of the food has massively decreased. The cocktail I ordered tasted ok  but I had better for a cheaper price. The burger was also much smaller than before, the only thing that stayed massive was the dessert.

The other girls were not thrilled either, E. even said she ate the most expensive cheesecake ever.

I wore my new dress I got earlier at the bring and buy. It is a bit too big for me and I am thinking about inserting some ribbons to tighten it at the back.
The dress is from Lady sloth, the rest is offbrand.
lady sloth purple lolita dress jfashion lolita fashion jfashion


This Teekränzchen was at Campus, it is actually near Little Britain at the outskirts of Vienna but smack in the middle of the new economic department of Vienna University.
Even though it was Sunday, the place was packed with Students and there were only a few waiters and waitresses. The constantly kept forgetting our order or brought the wrong order.

I had a burger, which was good, and a cheesecake which was meh. It had a weird texture, not soft and fluffy but more like a sponge cake, and it was not sweet enough. At least for my preference.

I had an eye infection and couldn't wear the circle lenses. Therefore my face and eyes look really tiny. It is so weird how a few milimeters of coloured contacts can change the complete look.
metamorphose temps de fille pink dress soft outfit cute jfashion japanee fahsion handmade selfmade

metamorphose temps de fille pink dress soft outfit cute jfashion japanee fahsion handmade selfmade
I wore my Metamorphose dress with the bolero I made. (Remember the blogpost from 2018?). I also made the choker myself, it was one of my first choker projects. I later found out that Liz Lisa almost made the same.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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2 Kommentare

  1. I love the Lady Sloth dress, so beautiful!


    1. Thank you! I found it at a bring and buy and instantly fell in love.