Book Binding

March 20, 2020

Hello lovelies,

last year I took another interesting class, this time joined by M. We learned book binding, and let me tell you, part one was pretty as it was mostly sewing together the pages. Part two, doing the binding was a super annoying. I didn't like it as much as part one and in class I grew super grumpy when I had to re-do the binding as the first try was crooked.

book binding process from auris lothol
 We had about 10 pages of folded paper and had to sew the pages together with these brown ribbons.

book binding process from auris lothol
  As you can see on the left edge, I managed to rip some pages because I didn't pull up but to the side. Oops.

book binding process from auris lothol
 The front and the back had both these brown pages at the fron and back.

book binding process from auris lothol
 The back was one of the hardest to do, even though it looks pretty easy, doesn't it?
But as mentioned before, I somehow managed to glue it on super weirdly and had to redo the whole step. And the worst part of it was the stupid glue. It didn't look and feel like it could hold together a whole book but after five minutes you were not able to separate it anymore without damaging the book.

book binding process from auris lothol
 I always thought the paper would go over the book and the leather on top of it, I was wrong.

 book binding process from auris lothol 
We could choose the paper and I chose this because it somehow reminded me of blood and it had a kind of hannibal-esque flair. Boy was I wrong. My book looked like a raw steak.
 book binding process from auris lothol steak
Tadah. The bloody steak.
I am not sure if I every do another book again but let's see. At least now I kinda know how to do this if I ever wanted to do a book.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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