June 2020 OOTD

August 14, 2020



Hello lovelies,

I couldn't hold my weekly schedule the past month and now I am back to posting only once in two weeks. I am reviving my youtube channel and it is more time consuming than I thought. Plus I am actually sewing dresses again, so that's a plus. 

It's mid-August again and time flies past so fast even though we are in a pandemic. I am still self-isolating most of my free time but I am really angry that I have the option to work from home but my boss would rather see me in the office. Of course I am the only one who has to use public transport everyday, so I am sitting on the bus and tram for two hours each day and just hope that the masks really work, because nobody is social distancing anymore. We thought about getting a car just until everything is over (?) but our fixed monthly expenses would be about 100-200€ more per person and neither of us wants that. Oh well, enough of my rant and on to the pictures!

This was my outfit for the Summer ILD. The community organized a small picknick meet and I was very happy to see all the girls again. it had been ages since our last Teekränzchen or meet-up. A follow up post about the picknick will follow soon, I hope.

I an wearing Baby the stars shine bright and Liz Lisa shoes. I tried putting in some 50s vibes with a red lipstick but I am so bad at doing these curls. There are pins sticking out everywhere.

This dress is one of my favourites but as soon as I gain weight it is too tight. :(
The one-piece is from Yolanda, the hat is selfmade, and the shoes are from Tally Weijl. i think the rest is offbrand.
woman wearing a bergere with pink ribbon

woman wearing a yolanda lolita dress and a bergere hat with a pink ribbon

This dress is one of my newer additions and I was happy I bought it nevertheless even though I had my doubts if the colour fitted my wardrobe, as it has mint coloured elements in it. 

The jsk is from baby the stars shine bright and the wrist cuffs are from Bodyline. I am not sure from which brand the bonnet is, I think angelic pretty but I am too lazy to check. Sorry.

woman wearing a jsk from baby the star shine bright, wrist cuffs and a bonnet.

The next dress is from Classical puppets and I got the matching bonnet and wrist-cuffs with it. This dress was a super lucky second-hand buy because I had been looking for it for ages. The shoes actually have the same colour as the red on the skirt but it looks almost black.

auris wearing the navy elisabeth dress from classical puppets with a bonnet and a red blouse

And now for something more summer-y. This is also a super tight dress and I am glad I lost some weight so I can finally wear it again. The hat is vintage and the dress is from Magic Tea party.

auris wearing a floral dress by magic tea party and a straw bergere hat.

auris wearing a huge bergere hat with a purple ribbon and a floral dress

Apart from the lolita outfits, I also had other cute coordinates. 

This was for a casual matcha date with my sister. 

mirror selfie of auris with a sailor moon cat bag and a casual otome coordinate.

The dress is from Liz lisa and always kind of reminds me of a dirndl?

mirror selfie of auris in a white liz lisa dress

The dress is from Lady sloth, the cookie print is so adorable.

mirror selfie with auris wearing a cookie dress by lady sloth and a brown bag

The skirt is from Emily temple cut and the top from Liz Lisa. I asked M. to snap a view pictures quickly because I actually hate taking pictures in public. I always have the feeling that people judge me for it.

picture on the street of auris wearing a tea skirt and a white liz lisa blouse

All in strawberries! The dress is from Liz lisa and the bag from Japan. I bought the bag on my first Japan trip in 2006.

mirror selfie of auris in a black strawberry dress and a red strawberry bag

Here is a bonus pictures because Maja looked so cute with my Classical puppets wristcuff on her head. It reminded me of the fontanages in the 17th century. Too bad that we only holds still for a few moments before jumping up and about again.
a red cat with wrist cuffs on her head, which looks like a 17th century fontanage

As I mentioned before, I am doing more youtube videos again, or at least trying to. I made a June coordinate video. View it here or on my channel. 

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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