Sleeping mask video tutorial

September 25, 2020


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Hello lovelies,

sorry for the lack of blog posts, I have been super busy filming videos and didn't have time to blog. I used to update weekly during the lockdown and as the numbers are rising again in Vienna, it seems that a second lockdown is close. Maybe I'll have time for writing again. But my time table is so full, plus I have my first bachelor seminar about film noir that I fear I can only concentrate on one medium.  

 I started filming short sewing tutorial to make myself acquainted with the video software and everything else. After that, I already have plans for bigger projects, and there is a swan -, strawberry -, and regency dress waiting to be finished and then cut and edited. My hopes are to upload a video at least a month. So if you are interested, follow me on youtube! 

Watch the video here of the sleeping mask tutorial I did back in May. 

The paper pattern can be downloaded from by dropbox.  


Enjoy watching it!

 If you want to read or print the written version, click here to get to the blog post.

All the best,


Auris Lothol

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