Visiting petit point Vienna

July 09, 2021

Hello lovelies, 

two weeks ago I finally visited Petit point Vienna for the first time in her studio. We had planned to do this much earlier but somehow our dates were never compatible. 

The studio is located near Schloss Schönbrunn and Johnstraße . It is not open to the public but for appointments only. If you want to visit the studio you can reserve your time slot on Facebook. 

And wow, the studio was amazing. The workroom was small as was the storage but every small space was utilized perfectly. There were boxes over boxes full of raw needlepoint material and finished goods. I was also very fascinated that the owner, Caroline, seemed to know exactly where everything was. 

The designs for Petit point are created with these plates, there are tiny squares that have been painted. Afterwards the thread is matched. It reminded me of a retro-excel sheet. 

There are different gauze, from 9 to 21 and each has a different amount of stitches per cm. It is illegal in Austria to use the 21 Gauze (bottom left) because it is too fine and would hurt the eyes of the embroiderer. But using it as a private person is fine, the rules just applies for people who want to sell them.

Here is another painted plate. Big pictures are only used for bags. 

Here is a work in progress, I think it was for a ring.

Caroline had so many boxes with finished embroidery, it was such a pleasure to look at. I really love how stunning the florals look because of all the designs are more than 100 years old. 

The picture below is a painted plate and two embroidered pictures with the same motif but with slightly different variations. The church is St. Stephan, the landmark of Vienna.

I love the bags so much, they are so pretty. The motif was so fine and the colours so vibrant, I would love to own a bag. The hue of the picture is a bit off, but it was late already and I did not have a flash on my camera.


All of the boxes infront of me and behind me are full with items. There are just so many items that also did not make it on the homepage like place card holders, lipstick holders, small mirrors, powder tins and cufflinks. I am looking at thimbles and I also want to get one next time.

This is the current work in project.

 If you are interesting in buying something, please go to her site at Vienna petit point or follow her on social media. 

all the best,

Auris Lothol



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