April & May OOTD 2021

July 02, 2021


Hello lovelies,

I am back for another round of Outfit of the day. April was a more relaxed month with not as many coordinates as I would love to have because I was on sick leave for almost three weeks. It was really tought but I am so happy I managed to push through it. May was a super busy month, it had a lot of public holidays and I dressed up on these days too.


I only relly had two coordinates this month, the first one was my strawberry dress. 

I decorated the hat, socks and wrist cuffs with plastic strawberries and even though they are not really visible, they do give the outfit a nice touch. The chocker is also handmade but I made that a while ago, I think probably even two to three years? What is time, I do not know.

The second outfit was pretty simple with a Lady Sloth dress and a necklace from petit point Vienna. 


I have about 12 different coordinates for May, I did not think it would be that much. But some of them are just selfies.

The month started out with a picnic on the 1st of May with friends and my sister. We also filmed the last bits of my strawberry dress video which is still not up. Heck, I just realized now how much more I still have to do. Oh no. 

But the japanese cherry blossom were in full bloom and looked so pretty. 
This picture below is a picture with my dearest sister. She was not used to my Instagram pictures like my boyfriend is so we had to try out a lot of different things before I was happy. lol. sorry!
The dress is handmade and the cardigan is from Liz lisa.

Quick lift selfie. I have no idea were I was heading too but my bag looks pretty full. I probably only went shopping. The blue dress is from Axes femme and the cardigan from Liz lisa. Most of my cardigans are from this brand. They are just perfect.


Another plain coordinate for a small walk and bubble tea. It was still so cold in May, I had to wear a blazer or light jacket when going out. The dress is from Axes Femme and super comfy.

Work selfie at work. Behind me is a cabinet full with sweets and everyone at work knows that I have a very sweet tooth. The dress is super cute and was actually bought at Orsay.

Another outfit for a long walk and matcha. The dress is from Innocent world and the cardigan from Liz lisa, once again.

And here is another lolita coordinate with a dress from cherie cerise and a blouse from Angelic Pretty. I have difficulties getting matching purple tones, the stocking was a perfect match but not so much the flower crown. It had a bit too much of a red hue in it.

Another outfit for a walk and bubble tea, but this time we met two friends who did not yet have any bubble tea. They were not as flashed with the drinks but at least they tried it. The dress is from Secret Honey.

And here comes lolita coordinate #3. I filmed my lolita journey with this coord. If you haven't seen the video yet, then go to my youtube. It is really hilarious (because of my cats). The dress is from Angelic pretty and the shoes from rosemarie seoir.

In between these two coordinates I was at the hair dresser and she cut my hair short. I stil miss my longer hair but at least the colour is now even, due to many bleachings, the ends were already really split and the colour did not last for a long time. The dress is from Innocent World and I think the bow is a really old meta bow but I am not sure, it could have also been a bow from Baby.

It may seem like I have a shopping addiction when I mention new items that I am wearing, but that's not the case. I think. I just like to wear them as soon as they arrive. This is the case with the hat, new and already worn. The dress is from R-series and I was so happy when I realized that the hat had the same colour as the dress. A Perfect match!

Here i had re-dyed my hair and I am showing off my first covid vaccination. Coincidently, when this blog post is published I will just have gotten my second vaccination. My arm looks a it chunky though?

This coord and the pink angelic pretty dress are my favourite from May. I don't know why, but the blond wig in that length always gives me a super young look. The dress is from Inori and the blouse from Angelic pretty, the tights are from baby and the shoes are from DreamV.

And this is the end for April and May. One month was super busy and the other was definitely not. June was not as busy as May but that is for my next post. 

I hope you had a great time - join me on my other social media or patreon!

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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