Lolita Teekränzchen 2020

February 25, 2022


Hello lovelies,

it's been ages since I wrote about our Lolita Teekränzchen in Vienna. Wait, no, actually that is not true.
My last post about it was from January 2020 and we all know why. 
But we have had Teekränzchen quite regularly since May 2021, I think?
I last visited the Teekränzchen in October or November 2021, afterwards the numbers surged and they were just too high for my comfort. I, therefore, organized the meet-up but didn't attend. 
It's actually hysterical looking at the pictures from 2020, the world was not even thinking of a pandemic or a third world war and now we have both.  

Lolita Teekränzchen February

In 2020 the last Teekränzchen I attended was before our trip to Italy. We knew that Corona had spread throughout Italy but we decided to take the risk and travel there because only weak and elderly died of this mysterious sickness and we were young and full of life. How ignorant we were.
We met up at Ullmann's Zuckerbäckerei again and had a great day. My face looks a bit round and disfigured but that's probably the angle and my silly grin.

I had a delicious bagel and some cake, I can't remember what the exact flavours were anymore. The bagel looks like it had goat cheese and spinach? And the red cake in front of the second picture is probably a strawberry tartelette. But the one in the back? No idea.

I wore my Mucha dress for this occasion, it is a simple coord but I like it. Especially the short hairstyle and colour suited me. The shoes are from DreamV and the rest is offbrand.
For the event I decided to change shoes as they were not winder-hardy at all. 
But I think that the white lace up shoes also matched the outfit very well. And the picture below was my combined look with scarf and jacket. 
I still don't have a decent lolita winter coat, only spring or autumn coats. That should really be on my to-buy list.

International Lolita Day

The next time I met the girls was for International Lolita Day (ILD) as a substitute for our Teekränzchen in June. We went for a picnic in the park. 
M. and I made sandwiches, a pasta salad and packed a lot of sweet snacks. 

I remember that it was super sunny and windy. It's always windy in Vienna but of course, it was windier than usual and my hair was everywhere. 
Usually I do not like picnic because there is just no bathroom if you need one but it was the only thing to do and be in the covid guidelines. Restaurants and shops were still closed during that time, or had rules to only allow a certain group size. Honestly I do not remember it anymore, this year was such a blur. 

We were not the only ones enjoying the nice weather in the park. 

For this occasion, I wore my baby the stars shine bright dress and styled it up to look more vintage/50s.

Eva took the first two pictures, you can see more of her art on her website


The other girls from the community organized a few zoom meet ups but I already had enough work zoom meetings so I did not attend even one. That was a real shame but I just couldn't bring myself to dress up and sit in front of a camera where only one person could talk. Meh. 

And that was it for 2020. Weird that I did not post them earlier but I guess I was just stressed. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, 

Auris Lothol

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