Top 10 dresses from Angelic Pretty in 2021

March 04, 2022


Hello lovelies, 

welcome to a new segment which I call, the top 10 of my biased opinion. 


Disclaimer: These posts are for entertainment purposes only. They are my own opinion and I am not brand-sponsored or affiliated. Please don't target or harass me or the brands.


In this post, we will count down my picks for the best dresses from Angelic Pretty in 2021.  

Are you ready?

Number 10: Topping Heart JSK/トッピングハートジャンパースカート

The dress looks so elegant and delicate, with the heart tulle adding another layer of softness to it. The purple colourway has accents of pink lace and ribbon and the colours harmonize perfectly. Compared to that I thought that the white colourway with the pink accents is boring and the pink dress with the blue accents is too different in colour and doesn't harmonize as well. 

Number 9: Galaxy Cocktail JSK/Galaxy Cocktailジャンパースカート

How bold of AP to put the zip right in the middle. I was intrigued by it and after studying the pictures carefully I found small details I absolutely loved. The zips all have a small star as a pendant including the belt on the back. There is a yellow patch of a star on the left side of the picture and a purple planet on the right side with the name Angelic Pretty stitched onto it. The dress comes in three colourways, pink, light blue and dark blue and all three of them are magnificent. 

Number 8: Lace-up Hem Frill JSK/レースアップ裾フリルジャンパースカート

The oldschool sirens were ringing in my ears when I saw this dress. But even though it has these vibes, for me it also retained a classiness I sometimes miss from Angelic pretty. Not only that, this dress is actually 100% cotton. Goodbye plastic chiffon, your services are not needed here. Compared to the other colourways the pink one looks delicate and like a pretty little flower. The red and black colours look straight out of a Gothic Lolita Bibble from the 2000s and a bit too chunky for my taste. Next!

Number 7: Petit Marionette OP/Petit Marionetteワンピース

I honestly have to admit that I am completly and utterly biased with this choice. But for me, this would I honestly have to admit that I am completely and utterly biased with this choice. But for me, this would be a perfect dress for Hime Lolita, the most over the top hime lolita with big hair and flowers. The dress has no print and also comes in the colourways black and mint. Yes, mint. While I am not a fan of the mint one, the black dress looks like a black gothic princess's dream. I am pretty sure that there is no person on this earth who wouldn't look like a true princess in this dress.

Number 6: Freshly Picked Strawberries JSK Set/摘みたていちごジャンパースカートSet

Did someone say strawberry print? Because that is such a cute print, who wouldn't want to dive into the print and eat all the strawberries? I'm the only one? Alright, more for me. Usually, I do not go for busy prints but this one won my heart (and stomach). There are four colourways: pink, black, white and red and except for the black, I really enjoy the rest.

 Number 5: Airy flower cutsew OP/Airy Flowerカットワンピース

The dress is super simple and yet there was something about it. It looks elegant, soft, and, as mentioned in the name of the dress, airy. It's one of these dresses where I would love to walk hand in hand with another lolita into the flowers on a summer meadow. Butterflies are dancing around us and we are giggling while a soft breeze makes our hair fly. Too much? Maybe. But I get these vibes from this dress. The other colourways are purple, white and yellow. Latter is definitely not my favourite colour but it looks like a cute sunflower.

Number 4: Dolls Collection OP/Dolls Collectionワンピース

The name is a bit weird because there are no dolls in that print. Nevertheless, the bunnies/bears and portraits of bunny/bears print is super cute.  The dress comes in four colourways: Black, Pink, Ivory, Sax and of course pink is my favourite again. The collar, bows, and waist ties are all detachable but there is no shirring. With a bust of only 92cm that is quite a brave move as I only know a few people with a bust size that small. 

Number 3: Marguerite Dream JSK/Marguerite Dreamジャンパースカート



I did say I was biased, didn't I? When I first saw the dress I fell in love immediately. The flower motif in the middle of the skirt part was just lovely. The simple ribbon on the waist and the three-tiered lace just made me want to buy this dress immediately. Too bad it's not on sale anymore, I would have snatched it up immediately. The other colourways sax and white are pretty but sax is just not my colour. And on the white dress, the white flowers are almost invisible, at least in the pictures. It would be such a shame buying the dress and then realizing that the details are just not visible.

Number two: Moonlight Castle JSK/Moonlight Castleジャンパースカート

What is this? A dress that is not pink. Correct. This dress looks absolutely stunning in the dark blue colourway even though the black and the purple colourway is great too. Pink and Purple is the third option but I hated it because all of the details seemed so unrefined and washed out. The details of the dress are manifold and one can get sucked into the blue sky and castle only by looking at them. A deserved number two on this list. 

Are you ready for number one?

Because I bet you will not see this coming!

Number one: Actress lace JSK/Actress Laceジャンパースカート


This dress might be super unpopular but I love it so much. The lace print with the little bows looks delicate and refined. When I saw that this print was coming I was super excited but decided to wait until the price dropped. And you know what? It did and then I bought it. It is the only dress I bought from Angelic Pretty in 2021. Lolibrary has listed the colourways as pink black, wine and lavender. But the angelic pretty online store Paris also had the colour sax.  
What was your favourite Angelic Pretty dress from 2021?

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All the best, 

Auris Lothol

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