August and September OOTD 2021

March 21, 2022


Hello lovelies,

late again and I skipped two weeks again but I do have a very good reason for that. My latin exam was on the 19th of March and I used almost every free second to study. I will know if I passed my exam in three weeks but I actually have an okay-ish feeling about it. But every time I have that kind of feeling, I fail whereas when I think I failed I usually passed. Let's see.

It's nearly April and I bring you August and September 2021 of my coordinate, I really am way behind. In August I was so productive and had so many coords and nice outfits, compared to December 2021 where I only have one or two, that's a lot. I always have more motivation in Summer than in Winter, especially when the flat is so cold again and I tend to end up as a burrito from October to March. 


I got this peignoir for my birthday a few years ago and look at those amazing feathers! I don't think they are produced/mass-produced anymore. I wore two more chiffon peignoir under it but it doesn't really give off the typical cult party kei vibes and more the "Officer, my husband died under mysterious circumstances"-vibes.

The dress was quite new back then, I had made the unboxing video about it just a month earlier. It's a very simple coord because I didn't really know how to coordinate it properly. And I am still missing blue items and accessoires.

The dress is from rabbit teeth and I wear it as a "normal" dress more often than I do for lolita.

Another simple coord with a high pony-tail, the dress is from Axes femme and so comfy. Usually I like to wear axes femme all day because it is just so comfortable and easy to wear.

And now we are back to the really fancy coordinates; I combined my Krad Lanrete dress with a peignoir, straw hat and a blonde wig. I think this was a super cute summer outfit, because no blouse was needed underneath.

Another simpler coord with the cheval de bois - swan lake JSK and a blouse. The shoes are from Rosemarie seoir and the earrings from swankiss.

Casual coord for cake! Fain is a newly opened cafe with asian/european fusion cakes and sweets and it's so delicious. I could eat their ube ice-cream all day.

This was my outfit for the Teekränzchen in August. We met at a garden cafe and even though the sun was burning and hot, the garden was so cool and fresh. It was so relaxing. The cakes were delicious but I was not so fond of their normal food. 

I am wearing the baby the stars shine bright - flower garret juiett for some Regency-Bridgerton vibes.

This outfit is fancier again, I am wearing at least five hair pieces from Prisila wigs and the inori dress with tights from madame chocolat and DreamV shoes.


The sailor outfit for last; usually I like to wear this baby the stars shine bright - cherry ribbon print sundress with a more 50s vibe but this time I just made it more lolita. But still with the same Liz lisa shoes I always wear with these shoes.


 I think those braids are my signature hairstyle, I always to them when I have no ideas. Here I combined my Metamorphose temps de fille Jumperskirt with purple ankle socks I wear for this dress most of the time.

Simple but cute, my outfit for dinner with my Mother and sister and a Greek restaurant. It was so delicious, I still think about the moussaka.

I always thought this dress was from Metamorphose but it was actually from Innocent world? Weird. I coordinated it with a mon lily overdress and white ankle boots.

I have no recollection where I went with my Jesus Diamante dress but it looks like I just went shopping.

My outfit for a Teekränzchen meet-up. I was super late and we did my outfit pictures in the café instead of at home. I thought the green walls and sofa were a nice contrast to my black dress and the usual white background. Again with my signature hairstyle. The dress is from L'armoir de versailles.

Shopping and bubble-tea day.

The blouse is new/or rather new in my collection but actually second-hand from a friend. The JSK is from Leut getter. The earrings are not visible but they have cats on them too.

Casual coord again with a Liz lisa skirt and a Lily J. top.


If you like the coords, look at my archive of coords; I try to keep all my dresses up to date with the information when I purchased it and how much it was and any background information on it I can think of.

Have a great week!

Auris Lothol

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