Interrail London Day 12

August 23, 2022


Hello lovelies,
I am currently sitting on the train to Vienna - I am going home for 5 days to wash my clothes, cuddle my cats and then be off again. (I wrote this while I was on the train, but forgot to upload it.)

 Being on the road, or in my case, on the tracks, for almost a month was an interesting experience - from washing my clothes in the sink to running out of body lotion on the 9th day. Week 1-3 was totally fine but Week 4 was already very exhausting, in this last week I managed to go to 5 different cities (Marseille - Lyon - Geneva - Bern - Zürich).
Like Paris, I didn't go to seek out the popular sightseeing places in London, as I have been to the city multiple times. Instead, on the first day, I went to Cafe El&n.

 Their food and the location looked amazing and I wanted to try it out. It was cool and looked like rain when I walked to the shop. Google sent me a bit around in circles again but I found it in the end, and the location was pretty but not like in the pictures. Turns out, the beautiful flower wall was downstairs and it was not open. Boo. As for the food, it was really good and as pretty. 

I had the nutella hot chocolate and it was really delicious and very sweet. 

And a rose lemonade from Fentimans with real roses in an ice cube. I just loved their presentation and the details and dedication they put into their food. 

The cafe was located near the Victoria and Albert Museum, and that was my next destination. I had also visited it with M. the last time we went to London but we just peaked into the fashion section and then left again. This time, I made the full grande tour. And it was amazing. There were so many items to look at, small clips on the screens, statues, busts, furniture, and even a whole bedroom. 

The outside of the museum

A white cotton dress with an amazing embroidery at the bottom

After the museum, I went in the direction of the Wallace Museum but made a short stopover at Primark for some new eyeshadow, hand disinfect and a small souvenir and at Hyde park for a short rest. 

The Wallace museum was also free of charge and had an amazing art collection in an even better surrounding. All the rooms had different coloured silk wallpaper, elegant furniture and big chandeliers. 



The reason why I went to the museum was to see the painting "The swing" by Fragonard. And I couldn't find it anywhere? A guard then told me it was at the back and then down the stairs. Satisfied with this answer I went to grab some late lunch. I ate a big chocolate cake and two scoops of ice cream and some lemonade. Afterwards, I went down the stairs but the picture was nowhere to be seen, I asked another guard and he pointed me to the special exhibition which was super expensive. I thought about it and then tried to get a ticket but it was shortly before closing and he waved off and took me into the exhibition and in front of the painting. If I had paid it would have taken me about 90mins but the museum would close in 30mins. That was so kind of him. Plus, I finally saw the swing. and it is even prettier than all of the copies I have seen to date. The details were simply stunning. Too bad the shop didn't sell a poster or anything, I would have loved to buy one. The lady at the cash register told me I could buy myself a copy in the online shop, which was great but when I asked for shipping, she told me it was about 30 pounds. 30 pounds. for shipping? That's madness. Plus taxes (because of Brexit) and the cost for the poster it would be around 50-70euros? thanks.  

It took me an hour to walk back to the hotel but I didn't want to spend more money on public transport. Once again, my feet were painful and swollen and I had walked 23k steps. 

The haul: The inspiring disney book and the swing bag from the wallace museum and the rest from Primark.

Part 2 will follow soon.
All the best,
Auris Lothol

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