Stoffmesse at Arena Nova

August 22, 2022


Hello lovelies, 


June is way gone but I wanted to write something about the Stoffmesse (a kind of fabric exhibition) at Arena Nova. My interrail tour is still ongoing but I am currently resting for a week in Austria and need a bit of fresh air and ideas. 

Arena Nova is located in Lower Austria, about an hour away from Vienna and not really reachable by public transport. I had been there for a work event and was not fond of the location, it was really ugly. 

We paid 9€ per person to enter and that's super expensive for a small exhibition.

A good overview on where the shops are located

I had been to the Stoffmesse before when it was in Vienna and it had been very small with only a few shops. But as it has been in only a small location, it didn't feel out of place. Arena Nova, on the other hand, was a huge location and it felt very empty with a lot of open space. 

That was the view from the back to the front of the hall. I did not exaggerate with it being empty.

This was not a shop but a small exhibition on quilting and the opportunity to get more information on quilting and maybe join the quilting club. The pieces made there were amazing, from abstract to really intricate ones, I was intrigued.

Three more pictures show the emptiness and the booths. There were fabric shops, some that sold accessories and others that sold sewing or overlock machines. It was a really good mix of everything. 

We found one shop, Maixner Ars, that sold handmade fabric from the Czech republic and M. bought himself a meter of their lovely cream coloured-linen. 

There were workshops held but we were too late for one, even though we arrived on a Friday at 4 pm.

M. and I talked about grabbing some food but decided against it as we were not really hungry and left after going around three times. 

I decided to only come back to Stoffmesse if it's back in Vienna, as I hate going to places with the car. It was not really worth the time and the money for gas. It would have also been nice to have even more shops, programmes or workshops. Something to create a buzz of excitement! 

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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