December - February OOTD 22-23

June 30, 2023


Hello lovelies!

It's been a while since I posted my last ootd - outfit of the days, I can't seem to catch up. But winter is always lazier because I'd rather take a nap on the sofa with a big blanket instead of wearing frilly outfits. Plus, it's super cold in the flat because we decided to not heat this winter unless the temperatures drop 16°c/about 60,8 Fahrenheit. But I started a new job in December and started to take daily outfit pictures there, because even though it was super cold outside, it was warm in the office and I could often wear something nice. I will no shop you all of my ootd, if you are interested, follow my instagram. I tend to post them to my stories. For this and all coming blog entries I will just post my favourite coordinates of the month and the most lolita-able, albeit very casual and toned down for work.

December 2022

I wore the emperor's nightingale mid-December. It was not that christmas-y but I wanted something light and airy.  The shoes are actually golden glitter ballerinas I bought cheap at tk maxx. The headdress is second hand from a friend but she never wore it. She told me that she bought it at a handmade fair in Japan because she loved it but then never had the occasion to wear it. On the third picture you can see it in more details - it not only has bows and roses on top, it also has small macarons!

Look at Majas face! Isn't she adorable? She looks like she is pleading with the gods and asking them, why they gave her this cute face. 

And here is the christmas dress I made (remember this video?)

I actually had a christmas party at work and decided to whip up a quick dress in just one weekend. Because I'm crazy and can only work with looming deadlines. lol. The headbow is an old one from Baby the stars shine bright and I bought the shoes before 2010 from Tally Weijl. They are super high and I can pose with them but walking? No way. I wore them for a picknick once and had blisters afterwards. 

January 2023

I love the first coord of this year. It's on the fancier side with the bonnet and the tights. Too bad that the light was horrible. But we only have limited light in the flat in winter for about 1-2hours. The dress is from L'esprit de noblesse and the tights from madam chocolat. The flowers are actually a flowers crown headband but I pinned them in place under the bonnet. It wasn't really one of my best ideas because the bonnet fell backwards so often.

And here is the promised work-ootd. No socks and pretty casual headdress but all other lolita criterias are fullfilled. The dress is from Dream magical and it is called love letter to margaret. It's easy to wear and easy coordinate, therefore I really like wearing this dress to work.

Our first Teekränzchen of the year 2023 was in a Chinese restaurant with the theme: bunny, as it was the year of the rabbit. The dress and the bunny ears were new from Aliexpress, and I wore my Royal Duck bunny earrings in white. Aren't they adorable?

Another coord for this month was my milky swan one with pink accents. Usually my purples don't match but I was lucky with this one, as it had blue-purple and red-ish purple in one dress. I think the bow was from a Souffle song cat dress but it fit the pinks perfectly.

February 2023

More office outfits are coming up for this month!

That's my outfit for our lolita evening-meetup. I had bought the Sailor dress off a friend that day and thought, why not wear it immediately for the meet-up? I was home alone and had to work with a tripod to get some pictures but they didn't really turn out good. The hat is vintage and I got it off etsy ages ago.

Sometimes it feels like I haven't worn my dresses in ages and that's half correct - during the covid years 2020-2022 I almost wore no lolita. I was doing home-office for most of the time and usually sat around in my comfy house dresses where I don't mind if my cats scratch it or rub themselves agains it. But now, three years later and with a new workplace I sometimes wear the more casual dresses at work! I love it. 

Here is an outfit with the Madame rococo skirt from La Petite Fille and a liz lisa blouse. I was looking up the name of the brand and dress, because I had forgotten about it when I also realized, that I bought this one back in 2015. I feel that most of my clothes are already super old and this skirt is no exception.

This dress is more lolita-ish and easy to coordinate. I wore it with a liz lisa cardigan and some H&M tights. I remember it was super cold that day. I remember that I bought it on, an Austrian second hand plattform but I can't really remember when. Probably in 2020 or 2021.

Another simple coord with a vintage dress I bought in Britain with yet again a liz lisa cardigan. And what I just realized, the same tights. The last time I wore this Vivienne Westwood necklace, I remembered that it was a gift from a friend who was in Japan. And I think, this was in 2007-2008 maybe? I can't believe how old I am :(.

Oh well, that concludes this ootd roundup. 

It's almost July now, so hopefully I will get to making a post again soon. 

Have a great weekend, 

all the best,


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