Textile lace exhibition at Schloss St. Martin

June 04, 2023



Hello lovelies, 

in March I visited a two-day textile lace exhibition at Schloss St. Martin, Styria which was organized by my bobbin lace teacher, Emma de Ro. 

It was amazing seeing lace made with different techniques from countries like Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and etc. 

The one from Sweden has two bobbins in the middle.





They also had occhi lace - or tatting, which is a bit different than bobbin lace. Instead of bobbins you use a little shuttle (or more if you are good)


When I was visiting in March Easter was just around the corner and there were a lot of easter eggs and easter decoration on sale.

Picture taken by meinbezirk.at

 The lace exhibition took place in the first floor of the castle and there was something to see in every room.

If you want to learn more about lace and the history of castle St. Martin, check out my newest video on youtube!

Have a great week, 

Auris Lothol

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