Animarket Autumn 2023

November 03, 2023



Hello lovelies,

welcome back to another bring and buy! Usually I only have good things to say about the market, but not this time. It was a catastrophe. 

I think it started out, with our japanese fashion club not having enough people attending and canceling the japanese fashion bring and buy. Then there was a big convention the weekend before, and another smaller market two days prior and it showed, there were almost no people.

But my partner and I didn't let our mood be ruined and although we made no sales (except to my mother and a friend), I got to give a lot of people my business card and hope that at least it worked promotion wise. 

But I don't blame the people, I'm actually a bit salty that three event were happening at almost the same time and that it's falling back to the artists, who have no money anyway. Next year Merchbazar and Animarket also want to both hold the market on the same date, this is just ludicrous. They really can't see that they are hurting the artists and I will definitely not take part in their little game.

And that's me and my booth. It looks a bit empty and I really need to work on the decoration. But making these brooches is hard work, I don't really think about the decoration lol.


And here are my cute items!

My only purchase was a hairclip with strawberries on it and my partner gave me this Versailles no Bara Lady oscar bag. Love it! It's also brand new and in mint condition.

There were so few people attending, that even the food booth started so sell their food 50% off. I got this for 3€ and onigiri for 2€.

I talked to a few artists and they all said, that Animarket was the worst for them. One even posted on Instagram, that they earned 2€. Yikes. 

But actually, this was also a good lesson. Next time, I will either skip the markets when they are after yunicon, or go only to the one that is first. 

Next week is a j-fashion bring and buy and I am really looking forward to it.

Hope you had a great day,

Auris Lothol

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