J-fashion Bring and buy at Tokyo Boom

November 28, 2023



Hello lovelies, 

two weeks ago was a bring and buy organized by our lolita fashion Austria club. We had already held it at various locations like "Weberknecht" back in 2017 here or here in the cellar in 2015 and at Animarket but this time we went for a completly new location: Tokyo Boom. 

It's a Japanese restaurant near Pilgramgasse and they were so kind as to let us rent their backroom and karaoke room. It was a bit small in size and we thought that only a few people would come but at the end of the day, it was a massive rush of people. This event only lasted for three hours but the rush of people just wouldn't subside. 

Here are some impressions from the market before it started. All clothes seen are from members of the club. 

Our club alone had so many dresses and items for sale, we almost filled half of the clothing racks.

In the much darker room/karaoke room, we had the accessoires. During the rush the tables were so full and I tried to give every piece a bit of space without overlapping them but it was hard.

We didn't forget the obligatory group picture of all the organizers: 

And after the three hours, I was super tired and ate a vegan gyu don. It was a successful day and I also made some money (while I spent a bit of it)

And here is what I bought: 

I got a Liz Lisa bag a bag from baby the stars shine bright, and two dresses, one from Axes femme and one from Liz Lisa. 

This strawberry print is my absolute fave. I'm still searching for the dress. 

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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