Halloween and Christmas lolita look

January 25, 2024

Hello lovelies, 

I hope you all had a wonderful start into 2024. I decided to turn my back on patreon and etsy as their fees, especially on etsy was just ludicrous. I pulled my shop from the site and jumped to ko-fi and I feel much better as it offers not only a webshop but also the perks of patreon.

Currently, I am offering 4 photosets on ko-fi: 7 pictures for 15€ including free shipping worldwide - hence the watermark.

All in all, you can buy 4 different packs with different themes:  

🌸 Cherry Blossom

👗 Classic Lolita Fashion

🎃 Halloween Lolita Fashion

🎄 Christmas Lolita Fashion



I found the site kameralab.com from a google search and liked the pictures. They had a link to whatsapp so I texted them, at 10pm to ask about something, thinking I would get an answer in the morning. But no, the customer support replied to me two hours later, at 11pm. I felt a bit bad, because they still worked so late and I just texted them because I thought, now or never and I would have probably forgotten in the morning. 

They had experience with costumes and cosplay, which was a big plus and I was thinking about taking pictures of my medieval and renaissance dress. They also had a nice offer, where you bring your own dress and get a discount -> so instead of 199€ the whole shooting was 159€ with 10 pictures for 45min. I chose a larger package with 12 pictures for 250€ and 75min and in the end, I also paid a bit extra to get 14 pictures. So, all in all, I paid 270€ for 14 retouched pictures and about 50-80 pictures from the shooting.  

When the time came, I was super nervous but Tatiana Weber, the photographer was super kind and she had great tips for poses. We made so many pictures, it felt like my smile was already frozen in place afterwards. 

The result

I had my appointment on the 20th of October and they had already gotten rid of the Halloween decoration and started with the full on Christmas decoration. I brought some halloween decoration with me - the pumpkins and the candle holder and we moved some items around so that it doesn't look to christmas-y. 

I wore my Lady Sloth Hufflepuff dress and my handmade witchy hat. I decided against the costumes as the location was not really suitable and I wanted to test out the results before. And here is the result of the pumpkin-tastic shooting:

Ain't I a cute witch?

We brought another costume and I switched gowns as fast as I could. And the next one was a more christmas-themed one, perfect for the decoration. 

The dress is from Neverland, it's the holy cross JSK and I bought it back in 2015. The top with the big fluffy sleeves is from Angelic pretty, bought in 2019 or 2020 I think, and the headress is handmade again. It's actually also from the 2020 vitae essentia event. 

How do you like the coords? What is your favourite? 

All the best,

Auris Lothol


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