SLAY! Queer Art Market and Lupins Market

March 11, 2024



Hello lovelies, 

it's been two exhausting weekends (by the time I post this it's probably already a month later lol).

First I was vending at Slay! and then the week afterwards at Lupins Market. I'm relieved it's over now and I can go back to being lazy. Or, lazier, as more markets are waiting but they are still far away. The next one will be ACC - Austrian Comic con in May.

SLAY! Queer Art Market

This small market took place at Ullmannstraße 45 in the 15th district of Vienna. The place is on the smaller side but still had enough space for various artists and their booths. A small kitchen was included too and my partner got free coffee all weekend long by our organizers and hosts Sev and Ivo. The fee for selling was only 20€ and that was super cheap. 

Last time, Slay Market was full with people and I expected way less as a convention was held at the same time. But that didn't really stop the people from coming and I was positively surprised. 

The market lasted for two days and here are both of my outifts. 

auris lothol sitting behind her booth and looking down and her embroidery

 I always try to keep my hands busy even during the markets.

auris lothol looking into the camera behind her booth and wearing a pink dress

various pieces of jewelry for sale at Royal duck by auris lothol

The light was no really good as we all had thick curtains infront of the windows. 

And at the end of day two, we decided to get dominos pizza. Nom nom.

picture of a spinach pizza in a brown dominos box

This is not my only purchase but I forgot to take pictures of the others ones:

two yellow duck earrings on a pink chiffon fabric
I also got an angel shaker, a picture and some dnd stickers.

Lupin's market

This market was bigger in size but smaller in revenue and guests. I had the feeling that most guests were over the age of 50 and a bit confused by the glittery or lgbt friendly booths. As the market before, we also got free drinks and all artists got free snacks. Big, big plus. 

The fee for the booth was 35€ and quite affordable too. 

On the first day there was a lottery with most of the artists winning most of the prizes. We paid 10€ for 10 lottery tickets and got this nice little sea painting as a present, which would have been 10€ too. lol.

picture of a painting with marine animals


Not sure what I was laughing about here but I think my partner said something silly.

auris lothol standing behind her booth and grinning off into the distance

  And here is the outfit for day 2. I wore my Angelic pretty lemon dress again, as it's the cutest.

auris lothol behind the booth posing for the camera. A small picture of a white bunny is covering another woman's face standing behind her

picture of hands embroidering a rainbow
keeping my hands busy again!

While there were not as many people at Lupin's markt, the whole vibe was amazing. I enjoyed my time there, plus I also bought some items. 


picture of a cat in the back with a yellow crochet chicken, pink dice, and jewelry

I am especially fond of my glittering dice set from dungeon master. The two rings and bracelets are from alien moe and the yellow chicken was made by Flo from Froggy crochet. I can't remember where I got the cake ring as it was a present.

And that's it for now. 

I will be in Japan at the end of March and I am so excited about the trip. See you again after I return, 

Auris Lothol

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