Tokyo Day 5+6

April 25, 2024



Hello lovelies,

another few days have passed in Japan and I can't fathom how quick time suddenly runs. Our first week is over and we are starting week two now. (edit: I'm back already lol, I was too tired to write more in Japan)

Day 5

In the late morning we were off to Asakusa, and, it seemed like, half of the foreign tourists were there too. It was extremly packed and hard to get through even though it was only 10am by then. 


red asakusa lantern

Asakusa tempe

asakusa temple roof with cherry blossoms

view from the asakusa temple to another temple or tower

woman at asakusa



We pushed our way through but didn't really want to stop and buy something. At the temple we paid our respects to the deities there and then made a short round of the temple grounds before going off onto a side road. 

small japanese shrine

red shrine
There we snacked a hot and crispy melon pan with ice-cream filling which in my case was Matcha. It was really delicious because the melon pan was quite sweet and the matcha was a bit on the bitter side.

melon pan with matcha ice cream

After the food we headed back to the metro and went to Ueno. There we had reservations at the hard rock cafe. Their special was the maguro burger and both Mat and I tried it. It was delicious, especially the sauce but also extremly oily and the meat was a bit dry, which I didn't like that much. The onion ring tower was very good, the batter was made with panko (I think). And also the french fries were good. 

woman threatening onion rings at hard rock cafe ueno

food and picture of a woman at hardrock cafe ueno

the maguro burger from hard rock cafe ueno

With big burger bellies we travelled to the next stop, Akihabara. It was finally a stop were Bru shopped a lot. Or...more than us. No idea how many shops and gaming stores we visited but it was quite a few. But she found everything she wanted to buy. Hooray!

We played a retro game at Big potato and I enjoyed that immensly.


dolls behind glas

two dolls

totoro plushie behind glas

At Mandrake I also finally found some Versailles no Bara items and bought them. I haven't seen much merchandise of the series which is a realy shame. 

And of course, I also bought a Sailor Moon Rouge wand.

sailor moon rouge wand

Apart from that I got a small make-up palette from one of the gashapons. 

small round makeup eyeshadow

 And at Donki some My Melody tights and an eyeliner. Mine was already empty.

my melody tights/pantyhose and an eyeliner

Day 6

We had reservations for the Alice Cafe in Ikebukuro around 11am.

 big ad for the alice cafe in tokyo ikebukuro

Last time I visited I was in the Alice Cafe in Shibuya (See here). She sat us in a huge chandelier in the middle of the room, it was a beautiful thing. 

inside the chandelier photographed upwards

picture from the chandelier into the room

card soldier from alice in wonderland standing in front of the chandelier

But we were a bit confused as the explained something in japanese and I could only understand half. What I didn't get was, that we had to order via a qr code. So we sat there like idiots and waited for service which didn't come. Obviously. When we asked again, she pointed at the QR Code and that made it clear. 

I ordered the only dish that was at least themed, the cat pasta. And a cocktail which was really nice. 

three cocktails with different colors

pasta dish with eyes and a mouth on the plate rim
The others got their food too and afterwards we suddenly received a cake. That was nothing we ordered nor was it on their menu but we checked and it was added to our bill. The cake was nice to look at but horrible to eat because it was almost entirely made out of cream. Yuck! And the only one who enjoyed that was Mat, but he had ordered a dessert already and was quite full. Damn. We tried to eat as much as possible but it was too much. We left over half of it. Damn, 3.300 Yen worth of cake just thrown away.

rabbit cake dessert

Afterwards we went to Closet Child Ikebukuro and I bought a few items. I was a bit shocked about the prices - wasn't closet child cheaper years ago? Now most of their AP and BTSSB dresses were about 20.000-30.000 Yen. It was still cheap with the current yen but still.

I more airy dress from Milk with cherries. I can't seem to find it on lolibrary though.

pink dress with cherries


It's an old Innocent world dress from 2015. The waist ties are a bit weird as someone moved it but nothing I can't fix.

beige innocent world dress with teacups

This dress is from the Chinese Brand Bacio Bouquet. It seems like I got a special version of it because it was a ShangHai event exclusive? Not sure irf that info is correct.

strawberry dress from bacio bouquet

 No idea what the brand is because there is no tag. So, some offbrand hairpiece.

white headpiece with lace

Another offbrand hairbow.

pink hairbow


Mat and Bru went to Uniqlo again but this time at the large store in Ikebukuro, and I waited. Uniqlo is a bit too simple and bland for me. I need more frills and bows.

There was also a book off where we found some books, sadly I did not take any picture and then we finally also played a game of Taiko, my facourite game. 

two people playing taiko

Afterwards we went to sunshine city and had some cake and tea. 

strawberry cake

And then I bought some more..oops.

This star bag is from the Marvel store

pink silver glitter star bag

The axes femme haul. It was surprisingly blue because they used a pink shade that I didn't like. And for the day I immediately wore the blue hairpiece as it matched the dress I was wearing.

woman with pink hair and a big blue hair piece

blue hairpiece on a white bedspread

blue skirt with a strawberry print on the end

cream coloured dress with strawberries at the border

long coat with frills in old pink

Mat brought all our items we bought to the hotel because they were really heavy and bru and I wandered off. We got onto the top floor with the largest gachapon collection in the world but I searched in vain for some lady oscar items. But that keps us busy and in the end, I got a necklace with grape candy and a sanrio Kuromi eyeshadow. 


kuromi eyeshadow and a grape heart necklace

And we were busy. Going back to the entrance of Sunshine city we found this cute Sanrio backdrop.


Afterwards we wanted to go to sushi-ro but the waiting time was ridiculous. We went to another running sushi place were we waited for 30mins and had delicious sushi. There was even a small game you had on the thoughpad for every 5 plates you ate and we won one game. 



After the food we just rolled back to the hotel.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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