Tokyo day 3+4

March 30, 2024


Hello lovelies,

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of my Tokyo stories because here are days three and four.


Day 3

After the shopping spree on the second day, we went for something more relaxed and travelled to Odaiba. It was raining cats and dogs and the wind was nasty. Luckily, we could borrow umbrellas from the hotel. Our first act in Odaiba was to visit the huge Gundam statue. It's due to be dismantled at the end of March and we were so lucky to still see it.

Gundam statue in odaiba

Gundam statue in odaiba and a woman posing infront of it

We had reservations for the Hilton restaurant and their "Hokkaido Festival & Strawberry Sweets Buffet" - I booked it because it was close to the statue but in the end, it was nice and tasty. The bear cake was also so cute. And strawberries are everywhere. I just love strawberries. 

Three different kind of strawberries dessert and a pink strawberry cake with a bear face

close up of the strawberry cake with the bear face

chocolate display with a hammer

strawberry dessert and strawberries on a plate

woman digging into the strawberry dessert


We would have a wonderful view over the sea and Tokyo but because of the rain, we just had a white wall with grey shadows where the buildings should have been.

window shot with rain and clouds


Mat and Bru had seen a Uniqlo store at the mall right next to the Gundam and we decided to go there first, even though the Japanese 1960s tour was next. As we searched for it in the shopping centre, we found various other interesting stores: Sanrio, Ghibli, One Piece, Tom and Jerry, Village Vanguard etc. 

one piece store front in odaiba

hello kitty store front in odaiba

sanrio characters

Ghibli store in Odaiba

Beautiful ghibli glass decoration

Tom and jerry merchandise

Village vanguard store front in odaiba

At a Gashapon I bought a cute my melody ring.

my melody ring

 Of course we had to buy some items at daiso...I love daiso. I can't recommend the marshmallows though, the sour milk hits one right in the face and is too concentrated.

daiso haul

Both Bru and Mat then bought so much at Gu and Uniqlo that we had so many heavy bags to carry around with us. That was a very bad idea for 1960s Japan because it was packed with people. 

The last time I visited this area was in December of 2006 and it was almost empty. I did not expect it to be so full. We pushed our way through the people with our bags and couldn't really enjoy the scenery or buy something. What a shame. Also, I missed a few spots and I thought it was bigger last time? Weird. We bought some Takoyaki at the end and ate them before going back to the hotel.


Takoyaki in an octopus box

It was still raining when we went back to Tokyo and for the first time in my life, I was stuck in rush hour traffic. Literally, stuck like a Sardine in a can. My butt and another guy's butt were pressed together tightly and it was the weirdest feeling. We decided to get off early at the next station which coincidentally was Shibuya because Mat felt panic rising up. And to be honest, I was glad we got off. That was not an experience I ever wanted to experience. 

We went to Magnet by 109 and then to Shibuya 109. 


shibuya 109 entrance


There we took the escalators up to the last floor and went to a cafe. The lemon tea was perfectly sweet and sour. After my drink, I left Mat and Bru to look around and maybe shop a bit. And I found some nice items but only bought something from MA*RS - a white and frilly vegan plastic leather jacket, a set of two hairbows and socks. 


White frilly leather jacket, white socks with black ribbons and white hair  ribbons

I could have gotten more but I decided to save my money, as we haven't been to closet child Ikebukuro and other second-hand places yet...

We met up again on the first floor and then took the Yamanote until Ikebukuro. And this time it was not crowded.



Day 4 

I had a nail appointment at 11 am. I wore my new Ank Rouge dress I bought on day 2. 

woman with pink hair and white dress taking a mirror selfie

I left Mat and Bru to fend for themselves. And of course, they got lost on the way to the Tokyo metropolitan government building and landed in another government building lol. But they had an amazing view over Tokyo, the only thing they couldn't see was Mount Fuji. 

rooftop shot of tokyo

rooftop shot of tokyo

My nail technician was pretty excited when I showed her what I wanted for my nails and she did a really great job. I love my new nails. 


hand with long nails decorated with pink hearts and bows
When I went out to get my nails done it was pretty warm and sunny, after almost 2,5 hours I left the building and I was freezing in my thin jacket. Damn! Luckily for me, Mat and Bru went back to the hotel and brought me my jacket. We met up at Skytree and roamed around the mall - we found a Pokemon centre again!


pikachu riding an unknown pokemon at the pokemon centre at skytree

Mat and Bru got themselves more coins. They had already bought these at the other Pokemon centre with other motifs.

commemorative Pokemon coin

Kirby Cafe was afterwards and like the Pokemon cafe, the food was great and we also had a picture opportunity just as we entered the cafe. 


big kirby outside of the kirby store at skytree

Kirby cafe sign

three people posing for the picture, two holding big cutlery


But there was no Kirby show, unlike the Pokemon cafe. I had a pizza with seafood, Kirby pancakes and a chemist kit for a drink. It was a bit long-winded but fun and it tasted really sweet and nice. We all shared the cheesy bites and Mat and I shared the content of the pink Kirby plastic ware, as it was filled with roast meat and he doesn't eat meat. Bru had the Kirby burger with the spaghetti.


Pink kirby plasticware

Kirby burger with spaghetti

Kirby drink

Kirby seafood Pizza

Kirby car dessert

 woman posing with two kirby dishes


After the cafe, we got a bit lost but then found the correct way back again. We wanted to go to Olinas Mall afterwards and go to the swimmer pop-up at Patty's but we were too cold already. It would have been a 15-minute walk and I just didn't see myself fighting against the cold and wind. Nope, thank you.

I only bought a Marie bag today at the disney store, apart from spending money on my nails. Look how cute it is!

pink marie bag

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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