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Hello lovelies, 

most of the time my research is purely online and therefore I have amassed a massive amount of ressources for sewing, lolita- and historical fashion. I will put each of them in only one category, even though a few might me applied. If you don't find what you are searching for or find a dead link, leave a comment. Thank you. 

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ANNO - Austrian Newspapers online, find digitalized newspapers from the Austrian national library (German)
Archive.org - Books, Movies, Music etc. Has a few good public domain books from the 18-19th century. (English)
LACMA - Search in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (English)
VAM - The Victoria and Albert Museum has an extensive collection online (English)

Alex der Metsieder - delicious Met (ships from Austria)
American Duchess - historical shoes, socks, sewing patterns, accessories and sewing supply (ships from the USA) 
Celtic Web Merchant - everything medieval and more (ships from the Netherlands)
La Rose Passamentarie - sewing patterns, millinery, fabric, sewing supply and reseller of American duchess shoes and socks in Europe (ships from the Netherlands) 
Jane Austen Center - has a small collection of Regency jewellery and accessories (Ships from the UK)
Living history market - clothing, swords, fabric (ships from France)
Lorifactor - clothing accessories, everything for historical camp life and reenactment (ships from Poland)
Nehelenia Patterns - sewing patterns, millinery and sewing supply (ships from Germany) 
Orniello - jewellery from Antiquity to modern times (ships from Austria)
Sartor - historical fabric and sewing supply (ships from the Czech Republic, they also have a physical store)
Vehi Mercatus- medieval clothes, accessories (ships from Germany)
Woolsome - wool and linen for re-enactors and larp (ships from Poland)

Online classes:
Historical sewing - 18th and 19th-century sewing classes by Jennifer Rosbrugh
London School of embroidery - has goldwork, tambour embroidery, whitework and so much more