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Hello lovelies, 
most of the time my research is purely online and therefore I have amassed a massive amount of ressources for sewing, lolita- and historical fashion. I will put each of them in only one category, even though a few might me applied. If you don't find what you are searching for or find a dead link, leave a comment. Thank you. 

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Last updated 2nd of June 2022


Gothic Lolita

Alice Auaa - Gothic lolita, black and dark clothes and Accessoires
Algonquins - Punk and casual Lolita
Angelic Pretty - Sweet (OTT), Hime, and Classic Lolita
Baby the stars shine bright - Sweet and Classic Lolita
Bodyline - Casual and Sweet Lolita, buy with caution, their quality got better over the years but they are still very fishy,
Closet Child - Punk, Sweet, Gothic, Casual Lolita, second hand store
Emily temple cute - Sweet and Classic Lolita
Innocent world - Casual, Sweet and Classic Lolita
Jane Marple - Casual and Classic Lolita
Juliette et Justine - Classic Lolita
Leur Getter - Classic and Sweet Lolita
Mary Magdalene - Sweet and Classic Lolita
Metamorphose temps de fille - Sweet and Classic Lolita
Miho Matsuda - Gothic and casual Lolita
Milk - Casual and sweet Lolita
Millefleurs - Hime, Classic and Sweet Lolita
Moi meme moitie - Gothic Lolita
Shirley temple cute - Sweet and Classic Lolita
Victorian Maiden - Classic Lolita
Non Japanese brands:
Baroque - Gothic and Classic Lolita, Korean brand
Chess story - Sweet and Classic Lolita, Chinese brand 
Cherie Cerise - Classic Lolita, Chilean Brand
Classical puppets - Sweet and Classic Lolita, Chinese brand,
Dear Celine - Classic Lolita, Chinese brand,
F+f - Hime, Casual, Gothic Lolita, Chinese brand
Eat me, Ink me - Classic Lolita, European brand
Haenuli - Classic Lolita, Korean brand
HMHM Lolita- Sweet and Casual Lolita, Chinese brand 
I do declare -  Gothic Lolita, USA brand
Infanta - Classic Lolita, Chinese Brand
Kaneko - Classic and Gothic Lolita, Russian Brand
Lady sloth - Gothic, Sweet, Classic Lolita, Polish brand
Le petit four - Accessoirs for Lolita, German Brand
L'esprit de la noblesse - Classic and Hime Lolita, Russian Brand
Li Pario - Classic Lolita, German Brand 
Madam Chocolat - Lolita, kawaiifashion, Gothic, Ships from Spain
Magic tea party - Classic and Sweet Lolita, Chinese brand
Mighty Kingdom - Classic Lolita, European brand 
Peppermint Fox - Clasic Lolita, mainly brooches, Australian Brand
R-Series - Classic and Sweet Lolita, Chinese brand
Surface Spell - Classic and Sweet Lolita, Chinese brand 
Trip in a dream - Reseller of various Styles, Ships from France
Violet Fane - Gothic and Classic Lolita, Spanish Brand
Yolanda - Classic Lolita, Chinese brand  


Ank Rouge - Himekaji (+ Larme kei)
Amavel - himekaji, otome kei  
Axes femme - himekaji but also otome kei and casual lolita
Cecil McBee - Mostly oneegyaru  
D.I.A - oneegyaru, B-Gal, agejo 
Egoist - Oneegyaru  
Emiria Wiz - Oneegyaru  
Golds infinity - Oneegyaru, Agejo 
Jesus Diamante - Himegyaru, Himekaji  
La pafait - himegyaru, himekaji  
Liz Lisa - himekaji, romagyaru, 
Lodispotto - Himekaji, oneegyaru,
Luxe Rose - Oneegyaru
Ma*rs - Agejo
Rienda - oneegyaru, agejo  
Secret Honey - himekaji  
Snidel - Oneegyaru  
Titty&Co - Oneegyaru, himekaji  (+Larme kei)
Yumetenbo (dreamV) -himekaji, oneegyaru 
Non Japanese brands: 
Angelcat - Replica, himekaji, chinese brand
Bobon21 (taobao) - Bobon21 (japanese) - himekaji 
Candy Rain - himekaji, Chinese brand  
Maykii - himekaji, romagyaru, Chinese brand  
Pink Doll - Oneegyaru, Chinese brand 
Sechuna - Himekaji, Korean brand  
Viobo - himekaji,Chinese brand

Larme kei

RoseMarie Seoir (syrup tokyo)  
Non-Japanese brands: 
Elfe in our house - chinese brand
Girlish Aroma - Chinese brand  
Merci Girl - Chinese brand  
Norie LONNIE - Chinese brand  
Pink Sailor - accessories, Chinese brand  

Cult party kei

Comyu - second hand and vintage clothing and indie designers  
Barrack room - vintage and second hand clothing  
Grimoire - second hand and vintage clothing and indie designers  
Haight&Ashbury - second hand and vintage clothing  
The virgin mary - second hand clothing and indie designers 
Non-Japanese brands:
Dear Li - clothes and accessories, Chinese brand (+Mori)

Fairy kei

6%Dokidoki - clothes, accessories
Nile Perch - clothes, bags, accessories
Paris kids - cheap accessories
Swimmer - stationary, accessories, clothes, bags
Non-Japanese brands:
Cream Made - clothes, Chinese brand
Unicorns' shop - clothes, accessories, Chinese brand  

Mori Kei

Non-Japanese brands
Dear Li - Chinese brand
KnitCo - Chinese brand 
Other noteworthy shops:
Sirious Bound - Art prints, USA
Roma Pri - cute furniture, Japan 
Vienna Petit point - cross stitch jewelry, Austria