planned cosplays for 2014

November 20, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I already fixed my plans for next year's conventions. I plan to attend 5 and then whichever catches my fancy in Austria. But no more than two cons in Germany. But in other countries. I plan to go to Japan Expo in Paris and Närcon in Sweden. Of course I plan to stay longer and not only go to the con. I want to stay in Paris for at least a week and go to versailles and disneyland *-*! And in Sweden I plan to go to Stockholm for a day or two.
I already have two cosplays in mind...

 This one is the carousel (merry-go-round) horse from the wonderful and talented artist Sakizou.
I love all of her art and I wanted to do something from her since I found this amazing picture. But I finally decided on this one.

 I want to do this for Hanamatsuri. It's Lucrezia Borgia from the series "the borgias" in a pink dress. Oh, I love it. But I don't know where to get the fabric from...yet. I will go to prague this weekend and there is this historical fabric store I want to go to. On the internet, the colour of the peach fabric matches but I hope it also matches in a natural light. Cross your fingers for me.
And Simon will do Cesare for me. Probably in a priests dress, keke.

 Third but not last is Mikasa Ackerman. I plan this one for Dokomi with my dear brother anchen-chan. She will do Eren. Oh, I really look forward to it. But. And that's a real but, I will probably be too lazy to do the bondage part so I will order it online. As for the jacket, I do not know yet...!

You can't recognize anything? Well, me neither XD!  But I have a nordic queens cosplaygroup at Närcon with dear tanskaaaa. And why not do Finland in Sweden. It will be fun. But not that hair. Doing a wig with those hair will be no fun.

As for the rest...I don't know yet. I'll decide later on and maybe ask people to form a group with me.


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