Hime gyaru...again XD

November 19, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I had a little Teaparty with Plü, Si and Pi last Sunday. Due to the fact that we stayed indoor and just wanted to take a few pictures as remembrance, they didn't turn out that good. The light was off and the location horrible, but it was a day to remember :)! Pretty Plü aka Princess Panda in himegyaru was so wonderful. I envy her eyes because they turned out so large! *__* I just hate my bangs. They ruin everything ;_;!

The last picture is just without the glitter and heart orgy. My baaaaangs asdfgh ;_;
My himelolita outfit:
Dress: Angelic pretty, Wig: Prisila, crown: claire's, rest: offbrand
Plü's outfit, from my closet <3 p="">Dress: Jesus Diamante, Shoes: DreamV, Wig; prisila, rest: offbrand

As you can also see, the colour is really off, due to the bad light and the flash @_@! I really hope we get better pictures soon :3

On Saturday...I do not write my entries chronologically...I went with Simon to the first district in Vienna and wanted to go to Haas&Haas but the teashop was so full already. What a shame. But we found a cute little coffeeshop, full of kitsch, and drank our tea there. As in my case that was a hot chocolate! I once had a food allergy test and they said, I couldn't drink milk or eat anything that has milk in it at all. I always had tummy ache after consuming milk but I did anyway and now I am fine again. You just have to be hard headed XD! 
And that was my outfit from Saturday...I called it, the Russian Princess Szventlanka...or Snow princess XD!
It's white and it is fluffy!!! And not, that's not real fur.


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2 Kommentare

  1. habs eh schon auf fb gesehn, aber ich find beide outfits von dir voll hübsch*-* (deine freundin übrigens auch xD)
    schade, dass das licht nicht gut war, aber so is das iwie immer, wenn man drinnen fotografiert und keine super tolle cam hat;_;
    ich find deine bangs btw nicht so schlimm o.o bzw ieg voll normal. aber ich wiess.. einen selbst stört sowas xD

    1. vielen dank! Es ist halt immer das Problem mit dem Licht...;_; aber das nächste Mal wird das hoffentlich nicht mehr so spontan ^__^ (oder ich habe schon meine Softboxen *-*)
      ja...sehr sogar XD aber mit den Bangs ist das sowieso immer so eine hassliebe ;D