Bumroll tutorial

June 05, 2015

Hello lovelies,

I have a huge video project coming up and for that reason I need a lot of different, male and female period costumes.
For startes I made a cute bumroll because I wanted something quick and easy.
You will need:

  • your outer fabric of choice
  • a filling, I used old fabric scaps
  • ribbon, 2x 50cm

That was my pattern. No idea why blogspot turned around the picture.
The inner circle of the pattern is the measurement a bit below my waist minus 10cm. From that measuremnt, if you don't do a full circle, divide it to half. So my inner circle was 70cm - 10cm = 60cm, 1/2 --> 30cm inner circle

My top was 10 cm and the side was 7,5cm. I am only 156cm tall and my waist and hips are not that big, so this bumroll is already quite something for me. If you are taller and have a bigger waist, just try out what suits you and maybe also make it a bit bigger.
My sewing allowance is 1cm.

Cut out the pattern two times.

Cut your ribbon in two pieces á 50cm and pin them onto your fabric. Be careful that it only touches the seam were you pinned it.

Now lay the other side of your bumroll onto the other one and pin it. 

It is not very visible but in the inner circle I left a space of about 10cm. This will not be sewn because you need to stuff your filling from there. 

Cut your edges. 

Then turn it inside out and you are nearly done.

Stuff your bumroll now with whatever scraps you find or  your filling of choice.

And now only one thing is left to do...close the bumroll and voila, you are done!

I don't have a picture of the finished and worn bumroll, but I hope this tutorial was helpful.
If you have any questions or remarks, just comment on the post below.

Edit 08.06.15
I finally made some pictures!!

It's a bit wrinkly because I used fabric instead of filling.

Have a lovely weekend,


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