June ootd/coord

June 20, 2015

Hello lovelies,

it's already June and I am super busy. Tomorrow is the first try out for a video project I already had a mind for over a year and  therefore I am very excited.
There are a lot of new sewing projects but I don't have any pictures yet. But I want to share some outfit of the days and coord.

Last weekend I went to a 50s-60s party. I really  like the music of that time but I also know, that I'd never want to have lived at that time. There is still so much racism, sexism and homophobia but it got better and we went a long way from the 50s. So I rather enjoy the fashion and music from them but in my time, thanks a lot.

Front and back of my hair! It's all messy but it was my first try and I think I did well.
Also, see the cute penguin earphones? Aren't they just the cutest?
I made the dress myself btw, back in 2012. see the entry here

Then last Tuesday I met my mother for lunch. We went for some asian food at Akakiko but I was not very fond of their bento boxes. In all other asian restaurants, they serve bento boxes with sushi or maki, and/or spring rolls or other goodies. But at Akakiko I had Bulgogi bento, with Bulgogi, three different kind of salad (I really dislike salad), rice and a mini (bought) cupcake. And they are the most expensive asian chain around. I then remembered why my last time at Akakiko was last year.
I wore my skirt for the first time and even though I gained so much way in the past year, I still managed to fit in...somehow. Urgh. The gym is calling again.
Skirt: Empress Eugénie by Rose Trianon
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Fascinator/Hat: Bodyline
Jewelry: Bijou Brigit/Offbrand

On Wednesday, Matthias and I went for food in Vienna's pride house, the "Rosa-Lila Villa". The restaurant called "Willendorf" has excellent food and drinks. I ate white fish with a pumpkin seed coating. Afterwards I ate Topfenschmarrn with apricots and it was super delicious too. They also have some nice cocktails and the one with blackberry reminded me of a drink I drank as a child (without alcohol though) called Ribena. I have no idea if it's still on the market but I have the urge to buy and drink it again.
Dress: Dramatic Rose by Angelic pretty (I am still in need of a better petticoat...)
Blouse: Angelic pretty
Rest: offbrand

Today was the Regenbogenparade (gay pride parade in Vienna, but literally translates to rainbow parade) and I went there with a few friends but the weather was horrible because it rained, stopped, sunshine, rain. I try to be at the parade every year. It is always a blast.
Austria always tries to presents herself as such a liberal and open country for homosexuals but let me tell you, she is far from it. Homosexual people can't get married, they are sometimes ridiculed in public for holding hands or kissing their significant other and families cut off their offspring because they can't live with them being homosexual. But hey, at least we had homosexual and heterosexual traffic lights and now everybody is happy. Not.

Dress: Flower Garrett Juliet Long OP by Baby the stars shine bright
shoes: DreamV
The rest is offbrand.
It was so cold I wrapped my scarf around my shoulders because I didn't really have a matching bolero or jacket. I am still in need of a nice one.
The first picture was made when I was still in my pyjamas. I am not satisfied with the outcome of the hairdo but it was sufficient. I wanted to do a rococo inspired hairdo for that outfit to make it more rococo like but I think in the end my hair rather reminded me of an Edwardian hairdo. Oh well.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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3 Kommentare

  1. Wow, your hairstyle in the first pic is gorgeous! I love your look :-)
    I didn't know Austria is bad for lgbt rights. Unfortunately it isn't so good in Australia where I am either. I hope it will improve in the future.

    { sparklesideup.com }

    1. Thank you so much! :)
      I mean, it's not bad..at least not that bad as in other countries but it could be much better. Let's hope that it get's better in all of the countries :)

  2. I want the Dramatic Rose jsk in lavender soo so so so so so baddddd :((