Swankiss OOTD

December 23, 2016

Hello lovelies,

a few weeks before I got a new Swankiss dress. It was second hand on facebook and super cheap (for a Swankiss dress), long live my cheapskate-ness.

So last Saturday M. and I wanted to grab some food and do some christmas shopping. I decided to wear my Swankiss dress. It was cold. Very cold. I rued my decision the minute I left the house. Of course I wore a fluffy (and ugly) sweater of it and a warm winter coat but I was still freezing my butt of. Lucky for me, I live near the biggest shopping street and I didn't have to walk far to my destinations. But hell no, I am not doing that again.

Sooo, what was my coord anyway?

My Swankiss dress of course, then I also wore my new DreamV shoes.

M. did my hair so it looked super nice. I suck at doing my hair so I am really happy that he is willing to do them and can also make something very nice.

And here is the side profile.
My arms always look huge because I press them to the body. lol. 

Little fun fact,
two individual pictures of this outfit got together over 400 notes on Instagram, I posted this picture on tumblr a day ago and it currently had 56 notes. And then on facebook I have about 9 notes. Both on my private account and on my facebook page. The statistics on facebook are super bad, or maybe it's just not my channel? 

Is anyone having the same problem with facebook?

All the best,

Aurîs Lothol

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