Taiwan and Tokyo - Day 1+2

March 27, 2024


Hello lovelies!

After almost 27 hours of travel we, my partner Mat and my friend bru, arrived in Tokyo. And boy oh boy, it was a wild ride. We took an EVA AIR plane from Vienna to Taiwan and i maybe 6-7 hours from 11. 

I watched Wonka, a terrible movie, and then fell asleep at Ghostbusters. For dinner I had veal meatballs with mashed potatos (no pictures for that) and for breakfast noodles with pork, some salad, fruits and breadrolls came with both meals. 

pictures of an airplane dish with fruits and noodles with brown meat.


I don't know what happend but after breakfast I felt so sick, and shortly before landing I threw up :(. Afterwards, I did feel better but we took an hour long bus ride to Songshan airport and that finally killed my stomach. We had a 10 hours stopover and I tried to lay on a bench but the bench kept moving and when I finally got up again, I immediately dashed to the bathroom and relieved myself of the rest of the food. No idea why I felt so bad but I think it was definitely the breakfast noodles. Once again, I felt much better and it would stay that way too. 

woman with pink hair in two braids smiling into the camera

I almost felt good again in this pictures. lol

Unfortunately, I was not the only sick one. Bru was already exhausted from the trip and she didn't sleep on the plane. She had major sensory issues at the airport because of that and almost threw up herself. Luckily, we found a quiet place at the airport and she calmed down and could even sleep for a few minutes. Mat had nothing and usually he is the one with the health issues in Austria. lol. How the tables turned. 

We even had time to visit a few stores and take pictures:

display with little figures

display with little figures

woman with pink hair posin in front of a dragon and smiling into the camera
As a meal in the airplane I tried to take the one which didn't have pork in it and that was the seafood pasta. I just ate the sauce and the noodles though as I didn't want to get a bad shrimp.
picture of an airplane dish

We arrived in Tokyo on time and without issues and delay and we were so happy to arrive at the hotel. Haneda airport is really not that far away and it only took us about an hour. If I remember correctly, Narita took us about 90mins to go to. Our hotel is the Ikebukuro premier hotel and it offers to many cute complementary items and even has hot springs. I am really thrilled by the service. We had two rooms because Bru is so audio sensitive, we thought it was for the best. We paid around 1100€ for a week and that's about 366€ for a week. That's really a deal.

At the airport, we also got a pasmo card

sanrio pasmocard with sanrio characters on the card

We paid for our rooms and then headed out again. We were hungry and although exhausted from the trip, we were also pumped up to explore tokyo. I got two Tuna mayo onigiri, strawberry chocolate and seawead squid fried tempura - my tummy was fine again but I was still cautious with the onigiri and would have loved to choose an even weirder version - like ginger beef. There was a huge 4-story don quijote (donki) just down the street and we decided to grab some items and go shopping, we deserved this. I had forgotten their jiggle and it was a bit weird hearing it all over again (don, don don, don-kiiiiii). In the end, I bought two cute headbands, two towels, a cushion foundation and a my melody hair accessoires. 

various items laying on a bed


Day 2 in Tokyo

I fell asleep immediately and slept like a stone. For about 5 hours. I woke up at 6 and couldn't fall asleep anymore. I am used to this kind of jetlag and 6am is perfectly fine. Last time, on my first day in Tokyo, I think I woke up at 4-5 am and that was way worse. 

We got ready and left the Hotel by 9.30 and arrive and Nihimbashi around 10.10. We were too early. The pokemon centre would only open at 10.30 and even the shopping centre next to it, the Takashiyama, only opened then. As it was raining, we went a small round and then decided to just wait. We took the escalators all the way up and then went to the pokemon centre in the next building. As we had about 30-20min time left until our reservation, we wanted to go to the pokemon centre now and then to the cafe. But Bru was a bit too overwhelmed and needed more time, so we decided to go to the cafe and then go back again. I only got this little tin can because it was cute.

pokemon tin can

We sat in the Evoli area and ordered our whole food - drinks, main dish and dessert at the same time, so we didn't have to waste time and order again as we only had about 90mins in the cafe. 

Usually, themed cafes are not that good food wise. They look good but taste, meh. That happened to me in the Alice and wonderland cafe when I was in Tokyo 2015, but surprisingly, the food was good. I had the Pikachu and friends curry rice with bulbasaur, a melon float soda and for dessert, a parfait. Latter, I couldn't finish though. It was just so much food and the cream just glued together my tummy lol. I was wondering why the cream was so stiff and didn't melt at all and we came to the conclusion, that they were using a lot of cream stiffener or sugar. 

big plastic relaxo and pikachu from pokemon

melon soda float
pikachu curry

close up of the cute pikachu curry

pokemon parfait
About 45min in, there was a small pikachu show and it was terrible - but hilarious. Terrible, not in a bad way but I just don't like those entertainer who want you to do stuff. I just want to eat my food and watch pikachu dance, haha. And it was a cute show as the pikachu had a little apron and a chef's hat on his head. Super cute.

As mentioned before, we returned to the Pokemon centre after that and Bru finally found something she liked. Afterwards we took the Ginza line to Omotesando, went into the wrong direction for 5 mins and then returned to Omotesando. We walked all the way to Kiddyland, which is almost at the start of the Omotesando. Kiddyland has everything cute - disney, ghibli, sanrio, rilakkuma, etc etc. I only bought something my sister asked me to buy, I was just so overwhelmed by the people, plus, the space was tiny. Then, we left for La Foret. We started right at the top and then went down every floor. Liz Lisa's items were so cute but too short for my taste, the rest didn't really hit off with me either. But then came Ank rouge. I found a cute dress and blouse I wanted and was able to try it on and it fit amazingly well. I was actually in shock because usually, my boobs are too big for the blouses and I am barely able to fit into them. But not in this or the other blouse I tried on. That was so weird but I guess they changed the sizes a bit to accomodate chubbier girls as Japanese people are also getting fatter - as the rest of the wealthy world population. Good for me, I guess?

I bought a blue blouse and two white dresses which were a bit more expensive than anticipated but I wanted them. And why not. 

blue and white blouse from ank rouge

white dress from Ank rouge

white ank rouge dress


We went down the floors and of course, we eventually landed in the lolita section. I didn't know there was a prisila store in there! I just had to buy a cute rope wig for my hime gyaru hair collection. 

I almost bought and Angelic Pretty dress but then decided against it, but when I found a moitie dress that I loved, I immediately bought it - Mat sponsored about 3/4 of it because it was part of my birthday present. Nice. But without taxes and the bad yen, it was still super cheap. But yey, my first moitie dress and it even included a postcard with an autograph. Never thought that day would come lol. 

white dress with a blue border print


Then, we had to run to get to our appointment at Q-Pot cafe which was all the way up a hill and almost at the end of omotesando where we came from. I can't remember walking up a hill that fast in my life before lol. But we made it with only 3mins delay. The staff at the cafe was a bit weird and first sent us up to the first floow before realizing that we had a reservation and didn't want to shop only. They put us all together on a table that looked like cheese and we had to order another item to eat. So in the end, we had three items - I thought my etagere was enough for two and counted for two. Oh well. But damn, the food was not good at all. The macron was weird, the jelly tasted of nothing, the cupcake was hard and rubbery and the cake slice had a good filling but the cream on top was just too sweet. Only Bru liked her cake as it was bitter and sour (just like her lol. No, she did like that flavour combination). In the end, I gave away my croissant and tried to eat the sweets but it didn't go anywhere and I left over quite a bit. 

etagere with cakes and a croissant


q pot cafe tin

After the miserable cafe experience, we went back shopping. We went into the shops we liked and then back to La foret, where I bought bangs in TGMX at prisila. 

prisila hair clips


I found a cute sweater in one of the shops and bought it. The name is a bit long though: Nadia florens el en corazon or something like that.

white short pullover

And now it was finally time for Takeshita dori. There were so many new shops next to the ones I remember but we also saw a few empty buildings. We halted at a few shops but there was nothing I wanted to buy. But then I saw some purikura machines and I made the executive desicion that we needed to take pictures now. And it was a hilarious experience because they changed our faces so much, it was so alien. Bru got a long neck, Mat got a small face and I just looked like a standard gyaru you see on instagram. 

purikura with weird faces

 We were then at the level of closet child and they were only open for 30 more minutes and I decided to pop in quickly. I bought a physical drop strawberry skirt, a strawberry dress from amavel, a blouse from Emily temple cute, one earring from katie and another blue dress from Axes femme. They had their lolita dresses in a second row and you could not browse through it. You had browse in the online shop and then ask for the dress - a very stupid system imo. 


We checked out we go and a few other stores, then bought some items at daiso and then went home. 

street sign of takeshita street


My feet were killing me and I was sweaty and cold. We arrived at our hotel and decided to grab lunch in an hour as we had to rest our feet. For dinner I had kitsune udon and some inari sushi. I just love the fried tofu.

And that'S day one and two. I try to write it in more depth compared to Instagram because usually, I am the only one reading my blog and it's so fascinating reading all about my travels 10 years later. 

All the best and great week,

Auris Lothol

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