Connichi cosplay

August 12, 2013

Hello lovelies,

Aninite is over and it was the worst I have been to in years. That's it now. I won't visit Aninite or Animagic anymore.
But a full report will follow soon.

As for now, I just wanted to share my newest cosplays.
As alsways...I do not know if I finish them. Therefore I am bound to do changes on a short notice.


Again a Hungary outfit from aph hetalia. Lalala. I really like her warrior outfit but I have a soft spot for women in warrior clothes and shield maidens.

Ion from Trinity Blood. I had planned it for Animuc but Zen asked if we could do it at the Connichi instead. So why not :D!

Kai, a very talented Artist and Cosplayer drew OC for the months of the year. I think I am November...?`And we have a huge group (if everybody manages).


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