August 14, 2013

Hello lovelies,

via buyee I found a link to the wigshop wigs2you.

I scrolled a bit and was actually quite satisfied with the wigs they had. They looked good plus you could have them in a loooot of different colours. This included
  • solid, only one colours
  • highlighted, a dark base with lighter colour as highlighter
  • tipped, dark at the top and light and the tips
  • mixed, this wig is made of two wig colours (ratio was 1:1)
  • cosplay, fancy or party, all three have fancy colour or hairstyles
The full wigs are the most expensive with about 100 USD but you have everything from short and curly to long and straight.
But there are also cheaper fringe, half wigs and pony tails.

I bought a fringe and two wig ropes in the mixed colour Lush Brown/Golden Blonde.

Tip: Min. Order amount is 30USD

Wigs2you has special sales and promos.
The current for the month August are:
  • 4USD shipping worldwide!!!!!
  • Buy two fullwigs and get 20% off
there is a member promo too:
From your second purchase on, you can receive 2% to 30% off from the original price!

Normal shipping worldwide is 25USD, which is quite expensive.

Other information:
They also have wigs for pets and dolls...

I will write a review as soon as I get the items :)


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