Paris part 2

July 22, 2014

Hello lovelies,

sorry for my 12-days absence, but I have a very good reason. I have been working nearly everday on my Paris vlog. I had to split it in three parts of ~30 min and it includes the Japan Expo, the angelic pretty teaparty, Disneyland, Versailles and our shopping trips.
And it is nearly done. I only need to render it and it takes about 2h for one 30min movie to finish it, therefore I got time again so I decided to update my blog again!

Off to day 4,

It took so much time to do my hair because I did a kind of 50s style and then I went out, it rained and it was windy and in not even 10 minutes, they finished off 1,5h of hard styling work. I was so pissed.
Matthias and I went to the hard rock cafe, he bought shirts again and we only had to wait for 30min to get our table. We ordered a huge appetiser, burgers and then an oreo cheesecake for desert. The appetiser, consisting of chicken wings, bruschetta, chicken fingers, onion rings and dips were so delicious.

 I could have ordered a second one instead of the burger any time. My burger was a kind of Texas sandwich with pulled meat...I didn't like it that much though. It tasted weird.

The meat tasted weird and Matthias took a bite and was a bit sick hours after that. I was fine, but I also have the  iron-clad stomach (Saumagen, in German).
He had a burger again with bacon and it was really delicious.
 The fries were not that crisply but edible.
And last but not least, we ate an oreo cheesecake and that was definitely the end for our stomach. I couldn't eat anything again for the rest of the day...
See this one hell of a cheesecake?
And do you see the curls???? BECAUSE I DON'T xsdfghjkl.

After that we went to La Fayette, which was full with (asian) tourists. But I liked the inner architecture.
And from there to Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre. There were weird looking people there, trying to sell things and probably also steal your belongings? At least two of my friends claim that when they were there, they nearly got attacked by a gang of those people at Sacré-Cœur.
We climbed up the stairs and went into the church. And everything was in French again. I was so grumpy because I'd love to read about the history but nope. Apparently, the history is only for french people, they don't want other people to know...
After visiting the  Sacré-Cœur we took a strall through Montmartre and found a shop were they were selling those cute postcards for 1€ per piece.
At Montmartre we also found some streets selling fabric, buttons, feathers, lace and everything your sewing heart desired. We promised to get back to this street on the last day pictures of our cosplays so we could buy some fabric or whatever it was we needed.

Then we headed back home with dead feet.

Day 5, didn't we want to go to Japan Expo?

It nearly rained all day long. We got into a sightseeing bus, paid 33€ p.P. but could sit quite comfortable (in the rain) and listen to the history of the city while the buildings zoomed passed us. There were 4 different lines with 50 stops and I think we passed by at least 30 stops, including Moulin Rouge and the Eiffel tower. I would have loved to watch a show at Moulin Rouge but this was much too expensive.
We got off the Bus at Saint Germain because Matthias wanted to explore the station because of the three musketeere reference. But due to the heavy rain we didn't really stay there long and fled into a cafe. I ate a apple tartelette with ice-crema WHICH WAS SO GOOD OMG.

Matthias ate a salad with Foie Gras and he claimed it to be good :P.
Over Notre Dame which we decided not to enter, we went to Louvre because it looked so nice from the bus window, I wanted to look at it more closely.
It didn't rain for one hour, hooray! I was already wearing Matthias's ugly sweater because I didn't bring any warm clothes. I would have never guessed that Paris in rain would be that cold.
After Louvre we took the Metro home to Stalingrad and passed by the bakery we already saw a couple of days ago but it was always closed. Due to the lack of food because of the lack of supermarkets in our area, we decided to eat dinner there.
And that was the best desicion of the day....
We ate salad and tarts again. noooom. So so so so goooood!
 I had a salad with avocados and shrimps.

 Matthias had a panini (?).

The tarts were so delicios, a bit hard to eat or I am just too weak. I had difficulties breaking the crust...OTL.

Yes, we actually wanted to go to Japan Expo on Sunday but after we went there, we decided that one day was already too much for us. Two days would have killed us :P.

In Vienna I pestered Matthias to go to Disnleyand with me and we booked the tickets, he was very sceptical and reluctant to got but at the end of the day, even he said, that he liked it. Strike!
We booked a ticket and a ride via a booking site and only paid 76€ instead of 99€, the price which was stated on the original Disneysite. So we got up at 6 and rushed to the bus which was due at 7.30.

I actually wanted to wear my dotted Angelic Pretty dress at Disneyland but because I didn't hear good reviews and people being denied, I didn't do it. And then, I saw three lolitas in Disneyland...OTL. So, it is safe again to go to Disneyland in Lolita everyone!
We did so many rides, including the fairy tale boat tour, the haunted mansion, indiana jones, pirates of the carribean, space mountain, etc. Matthias was super scared in the haunted mansion and it was hilarious to hear him mutter weird things to not get scared.
We ate hamburgers for lunch including salad and ice-cream for desert. After that we strolled around, bought some souveniers and some sweets.
Matthias even bought me a crown ;3;! I'm a princess! So I was wearing a crown for the rest of the day :)! As for disney figures we saw the mad hatter, who waved at me like mad when I was in the teacup ride (alone because Matthias claimed he would get too dizzy), and Alice and Captain hook. I even saw Cinderella for a few seconds before she was hushed away.
See the croooown??

At the end, we were a bit happy to go already because of the stupid music. There was loud music everywhere and it already drove us crazy. We waited for the bus which didn't come...30mins later it did and we were in paris again after 9pm. What a good day.

Day 7, didn't we want to go to Versailles?
We woke up at 6 and turned off our alarm clocks. I woke up at 7 again and decided to hell not go to Versailles and slept until 11am. I WAS SO TIRED FROM 1 DAY IN DISNEYLAND and we almost slept for 11-12h!

Matthias even said I looked awful in the pictures he made...and he was right. That was by far the best...and it's not my usual small smile.
We then did what we wanted to do on the last dayand decided to go to Versailles also on the last day.
We had breakfast at the fantastic bakery again, Maison Bichon.

 Matthias had this delicious macarons with a wrap. It was rasperry macaron with pistacchio filling and in this filling was raspberry jelly.

 Mine was good too, but it had a bit too much cream for my taste...

Afterwards went to Montmartre again and buy fabrics, we went to the Asian street and ate Okonomiyaki, matcha tiramisu, matcha bread, matcha latte and matcha melon pan....

After the food we strolled around the area and then we found a bookstore which sold the books for 1-4€ and DVDs for 4-8€. I bought four books and two dvds and was a very happy ducky after that. I really will have a library when things continue like that...

Day 8 in Versailles will be in the next entry because it is quite picture heavy!

Auris Lothol

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