Burgundian court dress (FINALLY)

May 06, 2015

Hello lovelies,

as announced previously this year (see this post) I planned to sew a burgundian court dress. Long was my research and not very fruitful because there are so many interpretations.
I inteded to sew something similar to this

My guru was the medieval tailor's assistant by Sarah Thursfield. You can download it here. (VERY USEFUL).

Sartor was my fabric dealer and I really loved all the fabrics from the shop.
The red fabric is for the outer gown, the white linen for my chemise and the black woolfabric was for my kirtle.
Here a closer picture:

I started with my chemise which didn't work out like I wanted because it was much too big. So I did some folds into it, so it wouldn't slip off my shoulders. I can't find any pictures of it so no pictures here for now.

I finished the black kirtle yesterday in the evening. All the visible stitches are hand stitched (lazy me).
It has a while lining and a flounce.
starting out with the bodice

Oversewing the skirtpart to the bodice

This is how it looked like from the outside. The second threat was made to make the small pleats and I cut it out afterwards.

Tiny holes for the string.

The first fitting (without the chemise because I left it somewhere).
And this is were the problems continued. The medieval tailor's assistant stated to make three skirt pieces. And I did but they didn't quite write down where the pieces should be. And now my skirt parts were fucked up. And I had to redo it two times.
Okay, enough with the and. This version has no flounce yet but damn it does magics to my cleavage.

Finally the finished kirtle with my chemise. Sorry for the crappy pic, it was already dark. As you can see on the left side of my skirt, it is a bit highter than in the middle. Meh. But then, who sees this anyway? It is under my overgown anyway.

So, this is the flared gown I wanted. I cut and tailored the basic dress today

The first fitting was then not to my liking. Coincidently I wore a blue belt which matched my blue dress and matched the dress.
I was happy with the outcome except for one thing. I should have made the collar without leaving that huge seam right in the middle. Urgh. I am torn between doing it again (I anyway have to buy new fabric because what I bought was not enough. I didn't see that it was only 75cm wide....damn it.) and just switching sides; making the back front and then trying to do something with the back.

All the best,


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  1. It looks really great! Very luxurious ^_^

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