Nippon Nation and Austrian Harajuku Fashion walk

August 04, 2015

Hello lovelies,

I haven't posted since 12th of July and that's weird because I thought I made a post about buyee and my other parcels. Maybe they are still in the drafts, I have to search for them.

Meanwhile, I wanted to blog about Nippon Nation, a fairly new convention in Vienna. Last year it was held in the Technical University at Karlsplatz near Vienna and this year it was held at Museumsquartier.
Location: To be honest, I liked Karlsplatz as a location. You had the beautiful church, Karlskirche, right under your nose, and a big fountain. There was a park too and even though it was a touristy spot, it was not filled with people. The con itself stretched over a few floors of the university and sometimes you really could get lost in there (finding the changing room was tricky).
The new location was filled with tourists and locals alike, taking pictures without asking and staring blandly at the colourful cosplays. I didn't feel good because I felt more like a tourist attraction than anything. The inside of the location was wonderful, it had a nice baroque feeling to it. It was super hot outside and inside it was very cool, my friend got a little sick because of that.

Shops: The shops had everything, from plush kitties to anime/manga merchandise. But I always have the feeling that most of the time, the convention has similar merchandise (attack on titan key chains, kuroshitsuji rings, final fantasy necklace, etc..). The artist alley was small but they had a lot of cute stuff. M. bought a lot of buttons and I got a time-turner necklace.

Program: There was no program in the con book. That was super weird. I really looked for it and probably turned the book upside down but there was no schedule. All the workshops and contests were in the book but there it didn't say at which time. Nor did I know where to find that information, so I didn't see the cosplay contest or any workshop I was interested in.
The only program point I knew (from facebook) was the Austrian Harajuku Fashion walk 2015 and this is why I came to the convention on Saturday in my cult party kei outfit. It started at 2pm and we all gathered outside. But there were difficulties because the one appointed to take the video didn't appear. So we waited some more and after nearly half an hour he came and we could start.
We went from Museumsquartiert to the Kunst- and Naturhistorisches Museum, crossed the streets and went to Burggarten, from there to Albertina and then back to Museumquartier.
The weather forecast didn't look good and the woman who organised it, planned to only walk for 15 minutes but the weather was hot and didn't look rainy at all so we went for almost half an hour. There were also photographers accompanying us and at the Viennese Opera we did a group picture. I think we were about 25-30 people.
Here are some pictures of my outfit and make-up:

I wore a vintage peignoir from etsy over and Angelic Pretty dress, a lockshop wig and white garterless stocking from Palmers, and white shoes from Primark with queenbee shoeclips. Everything else is offbrand.

Picture by Lukas Fuchs

Picture by Simone Frostklang

Picture by Bibi from Pastelpinkworld
Actually I also wanted to attend the convention on Sunday in my Captain America haute couture dress but I was so not motivated Sunday morning. So I spent the day at home (Matthias and Zen went to the con) and packed my belongings because I was to travel to Munich with Zen on the next day.

So, next entry will be about Munich (or..selfies from Munich because I didn't really do much there either)

Have a nice week,


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