Captain America dress

January 23, 2016

Hello lovelies,

I actually wanted to continue a post about my captain America dress but it seems like I never posted about it.
Last year in July I needed a quick and easy cosplay and this design by Thought Ink on tumblr was amazing. It was fairly easy and the details would be quick to make too.

That's what I thought in July. Until now I didn't finish the dress. Shame on me. Really. But I have motivation for it again and decided to continue where I left.
Last July I already finished the skirt, the bag. The top is nearly done and the only parts missing are the stars and the headpiece.

The bag was super easy to make. I made it out of fake leather and sewed the white circle and blue/white star onto a red circle.

Now it already looks like this:

The top wrinkles a lot and I will sew in bones to make it stiffer.

The only thing missing is the headpiece and I am already working on it. The stars where a bit tricky to make but it works...

All the best,


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