Blue dress

June 18, 2017

Hello lovelies,

I was at a wedding last weekend and for that occasion I made myself a cute dress. The theme was blue and silver and I really have no blue or silver dress. What a shock. Luckily I found an amazing fabric at my local fabric store.

My pattern looked like this:
The pattern on the left is for the back. 

As for the skirt part I almost never do a paper pattern but draw directly on the fabric, cut, and then hope for the best.

I pinned everything together and checked the fit.
Afterwards I sewed in the lining and checked the fit again. The bottom pictures are already close to what it will look like afterwards. The pins hold the outer fabric and the inner lining in place.

Of course I also had to try it on. Remember the pins? Yes, ouch.

I made the lining too short infront (if you look closely on the first pictures of this batch you'll see the lighter stripe ending at boob height) and therefore added some more lining.

I didn't want to make it visible from the outside and therefore I couldn't sew it the standard way because the double fold whould have been visible. But this method worked pretty well for me, although it doesn't look that nice from the inside. But no one will see the inside.

I used blue thread to sew everything. Again it looks good from the outside.

I forgot to take pictures of the seam which was the step before adding the zip. Oh well, never mind. I sewed in the zip but wasn't able to align both sides evenly. Booh.
But I finished the dress at this part.
Well, almost.
I decided to add a cute bow at the back.

I wore the dress for the wedding and it was a big hit. My make-up reminded me a bit of wonder woman, which was (un)intentional.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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