Medieval festival in Eggenburg

September 24, 2017

Hello lovelies,

Austria does not have a lot of historical festivals, which is a total shame, but at least we have one big festival and a few smaller ones. I am aware that in other (english-speaking) countries they have Renaissance festivals but in Austria we have Medieval festivals, with only one exception.
The largest one is in Eggenburg, a small town located in lower Austria. The festival takes place in the city centre and takes up almost the whole city (it really is small). You have to pay 7€ to enter but it really is worth it. All day long there's a program including music, jugglers, lectures, artists, a knight tournament, etc.
For this occasion I finally finished my viking dress, even though I didn't manage to decorate it enough. I felt so plain because there was still so much missing. Nevertheless, now I do have time to add some more beads and embroidery.

 M. made all of the pictures because I forgot again. At least one of us remembers to take pictures.
 There are narrow streets full with vendors and people, sometimes it can really be a challenge to move forwards. Although this street is still one of the wider ones.

The sign was so pretty. And yes, those are my boobs on the right side. I must have walked right into the picture.

As for my outfit, a sewing post will come later, I wore a red linen Smokrr (Schürzenkleid or apron dress) and linen undergarment. I borrowed the leather bag and my flat shoes are completely fake plastic leather from Aliexpress. I didn't have the money to order ones but that will change too. I call this outing with my outfit a test run because there is still so much to do.
And here is my full outfit. We bought the basket at the festival because M. insisted he wanted one. The belt was too large for me but I completely forgot to make/buy a woven belt.

I was feeling rabbit fur when the picture was made.

Selfies! I went for a more natural make-up look but I found it way too plain. I look like a ghost. And my hair needs another dye.

Here is a fun picture to end the entry with. I am standing inbetween two of my friends and they make me look like a hobbit.
I really am tiny, especially in my flat shoes.

All the best from the tiny hobbit,

Auris Lothol

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