Death of our Cat Raja

December 01, 2017

Hello  lovelies,

this post does not really have anything to do with my usual entries but I will do it nevertheless - 
in the night from the 29th to 30th November my cat Raja died.

Picture by Souly

He had heart problems (which we didn't know of, apparently cats show no signs of it), water in the lungs and an inflamed kidney. I noticed his weird behaviour Monday night and we took him to the vet on Tuesday. The doctor thought it might have something to do with his thyroid and send blood to a lab. She gave him injections and infusions and we hoped it would get better. It didn't.
We had
a follow up appointment the next day and the doctor made an x-ray. We found out that it was his heart that made it almost unbearable for him to breath and the water in his lungs didn't help. She gave him some more medication and injections and told us that the chance that he'll make it through the night was only at 50%. We took him home and tried to keep him warm and make him drink. He hadn't eaten for days nor has he cleaned himself. His body temperature was also super low at 36°c. It looked good for a while because he even had the energy to fight me when I gave him his medicine. But at 10pm the situation changed dramatically when one of his hind legs stopped working. He was in panic and M and I wear in panic too, when his second leg gave out too we called the emergency number of our vet. She was immediately ready to see him and we packed him into the box and almost ran the 3minutes to the vet. She diagnosed him having thrombosis, his two hind legs and his tail were not moving and growing cold. We stuffed him under a red heating light and massaged his paws. He got even more medication and injections but nothing helped, his breath was laboured and the thrombosis had no intention of vanishing. In the end the doctor told us it would be better to say our goodbyes and end his suffering. So we did. Rest in peace, my beloved cat. Thank you for the wonderful years, even though you were such a big and annoying assbutt sometimes. But now I guess I will even miss your meowing in front of our door at 3am.

Picture by Souly
He was a very big and heavy cat, almost weighing 8kg on his best days. I couldn't carry him for a long time because I am weak.

He was the cuddliest cat ever, when I was on the sofa he insisted to sleep on or next to me. 

 He sometimes slept in this weird round ball.

But the best thing was that he really loved us.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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