Polymer clay treats

July 11, 2012

Hello lovelies,

I bought this wonderful book about fimo food that I wanted to show you. It is called:

かわいいフェイク・スイーツのつくり方 /
Kawaii feiku suītsu no tsukurikata

It's basically a book about doing sweets with polymer clay (or Fimo, in German)
I bought this book second hand for 18€ (I think the original price would be about 5€...) but it is worth every cent. Even though the instruction is in japanese, there are so many pictures that you don't really need to know japanese.

Doesn't it look amazing? I really want to craft some cute sweets but I didn't have time until now...

You can see a small tutorial here. As I said, it's really good to follow.
The only moment where you need japanese is when they tell you what stuff you need for that tutorial. But I guess if you know basic japanese and hiragana and know how to write Kanji, you can get far with google translate or Wadoku.

If you want to buy the book, you can order it here on amazon.co.jp
And if you can't get enough of those cute little polymer clay (fimo) treats, there is also a second and third book. 


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