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August 31, 2012

The title includes three things which start with P I want to write about.

First of all: Pictures

These are pictures of my newest Adekan cosplay. Again, all these brilliant pictures were made by Isa.
As you maybe know, I made all of it myself and I am really proud by the outcome of my corset.

Then, the second p is: project flower corset.
About a month ago I started another corset but this will be an underbust one. It's white, and I am currently sewing on the flowers, which is a lot of work. Damn work. I hate stitching on the flowers onto the corset myself. It takes aaaaaaages!

P number three is Poland. My sister and I are going on a four-city tour through Poland (Warsaw, Danzig, Torun, Krakaw) and we will be back on the 20th. Until then, there won't be any updates even though I've got thousands of sewing projects on my mind. But those will have to wait!


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