Lolita meet up and magazine

November 27, 2012

Hello lovelies,

today I found out that there is a new Lolita sewing magazine called "Otome no sewing book" which made me very happy because my beloved GosuRori was dropped in 2010. In 2011 I bought the Burda magazine for a year but it was not the same! But finally, with the "Otome no sewing book" I hope to find new patterns and ideas for cute lolita clothes.
The covers look like that:

Amazon cover
Amazon cover

Amazon is a bit expensive for me because the shipping cost were over 30€!! But I asked the nice lady of the japanese book store called "Takagi" in Düsseldorf  if she had a spare copy and she has!!! This is such a lucky coincidence because my friend will travel to Düsseldorf next week and she will pick them up.
Ha~ this is so perfect!

Apart from that, I went to a Lolita meeting on Sunday! It was very nice but the weather was very called already and my coat, which is actually a cosplay coat, was only very thin and I was freezing.
I don't know if there are any good pictures of the meet up, but here is a picture of our group:
Sorry, no idea who made this picture.

My December will be full with sewing costumes and studying for exams. I still have two exams coming up in the first half of the month, but after that, I am free.
Maybe I should already do plans for new years eve? Time is flying past so quickly, that's unbelievable.


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