shoppinng spree part 3456789

March 13, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I have a new job and earn about 80-90% more than in my last. I think this is the reason why my shopping spree started again. I made a huge bodyline order yesterday and also a fairly huge amount on Amazon. I got a voucher for my birthday and now I'm waiting for 8 new books *__*
Apart from that, look at my new things >////<.

Aren't they cute? The first item is from DreamV (I always order via Rakuten) and the second item is from a German secondhand/swapping community called "Kleiderkreisel".
The shoes are a tad too big, even though they are supposed to be 36. Damn you small feet of mine.

I also received a few new items from my family and my friend L.

 The first two items I received from L. Thank you so much ;__;

 Real pearl necklace and Miss dior perfume. perfect.

And my sister's gift. I think that's a hint in saying cook more scandinavian food for me. I know my sister ;D.


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