Taobao order and in general, shopping again

March 25, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I probably mentioned, a few posts ago, that I ordered something on Taobao via a shopping assistant. I received the order already weeks ago and the service was wonderful, shipping was fast and I am really happy with the stuff I got. All in all 5/5.

I ordered a disney purse and a liz lilsa lucky pack which included 7 items! I have no individual pictures but be assured, they are wonderful. I also fell in love with my disney purse at once. Time to throw away my old one from innocent world. We had a wonderful time together.

Did I already mention that I am a total shopping addict? I have a new job since February and it got even worse because I earn more (and automatically have the feeling I can order more.)
Well, this is what I got from ebay

The shoes are a bit too big because I ordered EU37 instead of my usual size EU36, just to be sure. But nevermind, they fit perfectly with padding.

A new bodyline and yfmart order is on it's way to my place too.
I'm sorry, this blog turned out to be shopping instead of a cosplay/lolita/gyaru blog. OTL


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